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Bear bear! Jab!

Bought baby S her first bear bear on Monday! She loves it! She's been hugging it to sleep. Everytime she sees it she'll go "bear bear!" And take her for a hug and kiss. Hahaha.

Flashed her in bed last night! I love singing her so affectionate towards bear bear. Lol. Bt sometimes also she flings bear bear away.

Ytd I also pretend pat bear bear to sleep and she got upset, climbed into my lap and threw bear bear out and proceeded to snuggle against my chest at the same time flashing me a triumphant smile. I have a video but it's too Long to cut for dayre. She didn't want to play w bear bear for awhile after tt. Haha.

Wanna record this too for memory's sake. I brought her for her 2nd pneumococcal jab Ytd. She was all happy and when we reached the clinic I put her down to walk to the toys area. She was all fine and cheery as usual. Until we were called into the doctor's room.

I opened the door for her and she took two steps in before crying and turning around. Hahaha! She knowsssss.

After we entered I couldn't put her down anywhere. Not on the table or the chair, or even for ht and wt. hahaha. Then when doctor was prepping the jab, she went "sked sked" and patted her chest. She kept repeating it. So poor thing. So I let her watch hi5. Then the doctor was sooo funny! He leaned in to look and asked me whether it was the old or new cast of hi5 and was v happy to see tt it was the old cast (youtube) and said, ya ya I know them. Hahaha!

His 'know' meaning his children used to watch. Anw, when the needle went in she cried so bad, worst ever. And she proceeded to whine all the way home. Then after her nap, miss itchy fingers peeled off the plaster, touched her wound and said pain pain. Hahaha.

So ya, she surprised me twice but knowing how to use scared and pain correctly. And tt she recognises the doctor's room.

Oh! Also update stats while I'm at this

At 13m2wks,
Weight - 9.6kg
Height - 74.5cm

Gasp, realized her Bmi only 17!! Need to fatten her up! But she Alr says so much I don't know how much more she can have. Hahaha.

Baby outing today!! Lazy way to crop out everyone's faces! They all had fun, we came out in full force with 3 strollers so we filled up all the lifts we took. lol. Didn't accomplish much but still felt happy. Came back really tired thou..... Hahaha.

Thankful for a good Husband who helps w chores! And for baby who went to sleep easily!

Day 324

Friday, 20 Nov 2015

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