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April 2019

Hihi, E here. Since B has left this space, he's passed me this acct to use and I hope not to disappoint his fanbase.S and I lost touch for a bit because he started seeing someone while finishing his final year.He contacted me in Jan and we chatted about various things including his gf who never had an orgasm when they fucked.After beating around the bush a bit, he asked if I was open to a threesome with her. I thought about it for a while and agreed because I missed his huge cock.

February 2019

Post-LNY Food Cleanse

I love LNY and all the feasting that comes along with it but after the third day of rich food and overpowering flavours, my body always craves something healthy and plain.As always, my go-to post-LNY recovery foods are kimchi and tomatoes; both are packed with umami and work well with plain carbs such as oatmeal, spaghetti and brown rice.Today, I'm gonna share a simple one pot dish that will hopefully help everyone cleanse their palates and eat healthier after LNY. 😎

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