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Hola! It's a Sunday today and last night, Klapsons decided to pamper me with a free stay again, it was a v last min decision but I'm glad that both sides are very spontaneous about last minute activities.

So here's me in their iconic room that has a open shower right smack in the room!

The room is for couple I suppose hahsha! But don't worry it fogs up when one is showering so it's not that bad after all

Like this! So when one person is showering, you don't really see/hear the other person.

Breakfast was at The a sleeping Rhino as usual, and I honestly think they serve really really good food. Especially their brunch menu. And prices are pretty reasonable too considering the quality and portion.

For breakfast, we could have fruits, yoghurt,granola at the breakfast table. The rest of the spread is in the breakfast menu !

I ordered the French Toast and added 2 additional hash browns for myself because I LOVE hash browns

This was honestly the best I've tried so far! French toast with honey and fruits on the side is definitely a first for me. But surprisingly they went really well and was just nice for brunch!

Mornings = coffee


This time I opted for something different, their cappuccino and it was pretty good!

Myself with my happy meal 😎

We were very upset to check out because it felt like we haven't had enough yet. Boo...

Then proceeded to shoot around the hotel lobby in my outfit πŸ˜‚

Super comfy!!! They are both from
The U back tee actually allows me to wear a normal bra as well!

Went back to chill in the room, caught some Captain America that was showing on HBO (omg Chris Evans is the hottest man alive) and then proceeded to shoot a little more haha.

It took me the longest time to find myself a pair of Nike roshe in black and white, and in fact both matt and I have been looking for it for almost 3-4 months??

I couldn't wait and I saw it on Shopjenith so I decided to pre-order an inspired one πŸ˜‚

The quality is actually not bad leh! Hahahaha I would have gotten the real one but to find them in this color and my size (im a size 3 goodness) it is almost impossible. Don't hate me! Haha

I'm not one that really cares much about inspired pieces because I feel that I'm in love w an item for the design, and quality. Not the brand. So as long as the inspired version can give me the same design and almost the same quality, I wouldn't mind wearing it.

Went a little cray cray camwhor ing with it in the spacious room too 😎

Oh yes before I forget, you guys can use this discount code to get huge exclusive deals at Klapsons The Boutique Hotel πŸŽ‰

[PS not paid to do this, just sharing because I genuinely think it's very worth the money and klapsons is good]

Quote my name when making a phone booking to receive a room for only $200++ per night ! Valid for the month of June

I actually lugged my new pillow from home to work then to Staycation LOL AHAHAHA but seriously don't you guys think pillows make such good and meaningful gifts?

Very practical too!

Really like this shot but I realized the pillow was getting squashed HAHA so.. Too bad didn't make it to instagramπŸ˜‚

Haha I've decided to heck and just go back on snapchat again so find me over there if you're interested!!

Feeling the Sunday snooze big time today (did I just make up a new word lol)

Was meant to have our couple shoot today and I was so excited to show you guys the beautiful Jessica Cindy gown then.. The skies decided to pour so at 1 pm we decided to cancel the shoot.

NOW AT 4;37PM THE SUN IS SHINING SO SO BRIGHTLY even tho Google's weather forecast said it was gonna rain ALL DAY THE WHOLE WEEK

So wasted. Spent so much time and coordination planning this! I even went for fitting and was so happy to have found the perfect gown. Everything was meant to be perfect because matt was gonna be in this photoshoot as well... Now that this is postponed, it will mean that I'll be doing the shoot alone the next time. Just a bridal shoot without my groom because Matt's internship is starting really soon 😭.

✨✨✨ blogged !

Day 158

Sunday, 7 Jun 2015

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vittaagustin (avatar)

vittaagustin how much for one night?

4 years ago

joycelynmusic (avatar)

joycelynmusic looks nice hotel. can i know how much fors it cost for one night?

4 years ago

mongabong (avatar)

mongabong $200++ if you quote my name! @vittaagustin @joycelynmusic

It's located at quite a prime location at Tanjong Pagar

4 years ago

Chloe_lim (avatar)

Chloe_lim OMG I'm size 3 too! and I've been looking everywhere for that Nike as well.

4 years ago

Ultraviolencegirl99 (avatar)

Ultraviolencegirl99 I love pillows!

4 years ago

yujie99 (avatar)

yujie99 where do u customise the pillow?

4 years ago

mongabong (avatar)

mongabong @allthingsdeco on Instagram!

4 years ago

mongabong (avatar)

mongabong @yujie99 ^^

4 years ago

alysparkles (avatar)

alysparkles Didn't know I was standing beside you on the train until you left. Can't comprehend the fact that someone so tall like you has a size 3 feet!!

4 years ago

mongabong (avatar)

mongabong @alysparkles where got tall!! Haha I'm only 1.62 m dear! πŸ˜‚ Look tall only haha

4 years ago

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