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updated 4 years ago
Victoria Harbour 維多利亞港

Checking in from HK!
It's a pretty busy trip but so far so good! Food has been disappointing so far, so hopefully I'll get to taste some really good HK food!

Here's the Shrimp Roe noodles we tried that was apparently famous. But honestly it was so so so dry! Like I was eating MAMEE noodles hahaha

Taste wise.. Not bad but I wouldn't pay SGD15 for this.

Saw "蛋饭” And immediately thought it was "蛋炒饭” .
This came and matt and I were like ??? Hahaha

Mui fan was a little Too far from our expectations hahaha but it was not bad la (for a Mui fan)

I'm taking over Theclosetlover 's IG today as well! It will be my last day on their Instagram so do follow me over there for more behind scenes etc.

This was the outfit I wore yesterday! Super comfortable. Top is alr launched I think, pants coming up on 21st June!

Doing the crossing thing.

You guys don't know how many times i risked my life for this shot 😂 okay la not a lot la. Just kidding

There's a very famous dessert chain called "许留山” or something. My chinese is not very good (in terms of writing and im too lazy to google la) hahaha!!

This was 46 HKD man (~$10)

Everything in HK is crazy ex!
But this was not bad too!

Going for Dimsum now! Check back later 🍤

One of the highlights of my day.
Went to Australia Dairy Company at 3pm and there was no queue! Managed to get a seat almost immediately and ordered a storm.

I would recommend going during the off-peak hour because it probably doesn't really justify the 2 hours wait haha. But well, the best scrambled eggs I have tried!

Day 163

Friday, 12 Jun 2015

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viviansalvatore (avatar)

viviansalvatore Haha 许留山

4 years ago

mongabong (avatar)

mongabong Oooohhhh YES!!!

4 years ago

misssunshine (avatar)

misssunshine hahahahaha ya it's 許留山, they have it in Malaysia now too (maybe Singapore as well?) but I think it's not bad only 😂 hope your dim sum is good!!

4 years ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets If you have time, you should check out 22ships it's a tapas place so good!

4 years ago

frhhannah (avatar)

frhhannah Mong!! Try dimdimsum dim sum! I forgot where it is but you can take Austin MTR, go under an underground pass and walk straight. Turn left and the second road you see!! The dimsum is soooo good!!! Recommended on Ladyironchef and its also quite cheap as well :)

4 years ago

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