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God is good ✨

Hola guys! I Realised this space has been pretty dead! And I'm sorry for being so caught up with work lately. It's been 1.5 weeks since internship has started and a lot of you have been asking me where I'm interning at, and how I applied for the role.

It's a kinda cool story and I've been really really blessed with this opportunity. You guys won't even believe it!

I will definitely be sharing about it soon, so don't worry! Just waiting for clearance before I share.

The past few days have been pretty amazing (and borderline crazy) I've got so so much to do and so little time!

What I look forward to most is to finally meet matt again for lunch or after a long day at work .

This was what we had 2 nights ago! I almost forgot how much I loved 4 fingers chicken. This is the soy flavored one and it's my fav!!! Much better than Chicken Up.. 10x better if I may. LOL! And the best part it is 3 x cheaper!

Ive also been busy reviewing the new camera that I bought 😎 The Casio EXILIM TR60!

So far I've been loving. A little pricey but I think it's worth it. Stay tuned for my review! Haha

Among others, I also found time (and walked 20 mins uphill in heels goodness) to visit JessicaCindy 's bridal showroom. The dresses were ALL BREATHTAKING

I didn't believe it till a few days ago, when I tried on gowns after gowns.. And I finally found THE ONE. Like super drama but it's real I tell you guys. You put on a dress and it literally fits you like a glove, like it was made for you. That feeling was so indescribable I almost teared just by looking into the mirror.

#emotionalmuch but that's just Mong hahahaha everyone knows how emotional I am and how I've been waiting to finally put on a wedding gown.

Of course, this is just a styled shoot collaboration with Annabel (photog) , a few other decor, flowers and make up artist sponsors and Jessica cindy. But it really feels like I'm preparing for my actual wedding!

And yes, matt has agreed to join the shoot and model alongside me as well. Hope the shoot goes well! A lot of effort has been put into it ☺️

Here's one of the dresses I tried on that day. It was the first i set my eyes upon the moment I glanced through the rack. Unfortunately it was too big for me and we wouldn't be able to customize it in time for Sunday.. But it's seriously beautiful tho! Has a little Berta Gown feel. I love Berta gowns and I can spend hours scrolling through their site - my dream gown is something that has an open meshed back!!! And I want it droopy and soft ☺️ im gonna keep the gown I chose a secret, so excited!!

I know I need to chillax with the exclamation marks hahaha oops sorry!

Many of my friends who asked me concernedly why I agreed to do this shoot fearing that it wouldn't be as special on my actual wedding day (say 4-5years from now) In fact I thought about it long and hard before agreeing.. But in the end I came to a decision that the future is really unpredictable. No one knows what is gonna happen in 5 years time.

Of course the best scenario will be that Matt and I still stay tgt, we get married. I still look as young like I am right now at my prime, and Matt too.

But I figured.. That's probably not gonna happen. With us both entering the workforce, all the additional responsibilities we have to shoulder as adults.. We are gonna be different. Both emotionally physically and all. I will probably not look like how I look right now. I'll prob be chubbier, more tired looking and Matt too.

Will I be able to get my all my requests so easily in the future? Will I even be able to afford such an extravagant gown (or rather, choose the one I want without worrying about costs) , have the styled shoot according to the directions I envisioned and have such a supportive team working with me on it? Probably not. A wedding is super expensive in Singapore!

So yes, my mindset was that its NOT GONNA BE THE SAME in 5 years time. And I believe both Matt and I will also feel differently when the real deal comes. I shouldn't care about how others view it as something repeated.. I shouldnt think it will lose its novelty because what matters most is how both Matt and I feel on our insides. Haha and I think it will be good!!


I'm interning at SGX for summer! If you read my instagram caption, you will know that I got this opportunity all thanks to Phillipcapital- I worked with them on a campaign (watch the video in the link) and got to know some of the people in there. Part of the campaign entails them fulfilling an aspiration for me and they assured me that if it's within their means they will try their best to help.

I told them that I wanted to learn more about investing and they called back shortly after asking me if I was interested in interning in SGX because that would be a good place for me to learn.

I initially had my own plans for summer but it was SGX! I couldn't say no to this amazing opportunity.

Of course, Phillip recommended me to SGX and I proceeded to go through interviews for the job. Although I still had to go through the normal interviews like every other intern, I'm still so thankful for the interview opportunity they got for me to let me "shine" HAHA!

And here's a shoutout to them because they have been such easy and fun people to work with. So now you know! I'm currently learning a ton at SGX and I'm very privileged to be here.

Times like this I really have no reason doubt - it must be God. How else did this opportunity just come like that?! And how else can other doors open in such unpredictable situations!?

Who actually gets an internship (interview) opportunity by working on a blogging campaign!!! Seriously blows my mind everytime I think about it.

God is amazing and I'm truly truly blessed. ✨ God blessed me with you guys too, so yes He is good!

I HATE THE FEELING OF A FOOD COMA. So much work to be completed yet I'm here falling asleep :(

Day 156

Friday, 5 Jun 2015

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vampurr (avatar)

vampurr I love their dresses! 😍

4 years ago

adelechow (avatar)

adelechow Amen! Indeed there's nothing God can't do! Hehe dayre more about your journey! Can't wait 😘

4 years ago

mongabong (avatar)

mongabong @adelechow hehe God blessed me with you too, amen! 😘

4 years ago

mongabong (avatar)

mongabong @alinateo YESS THEY ARE GORG!!

4 years ago

cupcakesandcoffee (avatar)

cupcakesandcoffee how much did the 4 fingers cost? thanks! :)

4 years ago

dailyrant (avatar)

dailyrant Congrats : )

4 years ago

mongabong (avatar)

mongabong @cupcakesandcoffee $10!

4 years ago

Pockyryl (avatar)

Pockyryl So happy for you indeed God always surprises us in most unexpected ways :)

4 years ago

electrikmagik (avatar)

electrikmagik Wow! Great opportunity! The most amazing things come when you least expect it (:

4 years ago

mongabong (avatar)

mongabong @shopaholiccheryl @electrikmagik I agree totally, through this I really believe it now!

4 years ago

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