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Hello from Medan!

It's day 2 today and I'm sorry for the lack of updates yesterday because we spent most of the day traveling from the airport to lake Toba, which took 6 hours!!!

But I'm here with these girls and I'm glad 😊 @gnitil_ @charlenetan @briannawonggg

I think traveling in a group of 4 is the best. Makes everything so much easier, less clique-ish, less drama.

Less drama the better, haha!

A fat faced selfie before we started the journey to the Kings tomb at Samosir Island today

Bidded Hotel Niagara goodbye too! It was a beautiful hotel with a really beautiful sight but sadly my stay was ruined by the 2 times short-circuit in my room 😐

The first time that happened was in the middle of the night when it went PITCH BLACK. Omg I almost shat my pants lol! Jokes aside I went down to the recep and told them about it and they asked me to go back to my room to wait for them.. I'm like ?! Do you even know how dark it is dude hahaha

Just FYI, it was THIS dark lol

Day 167

Wednesday, 15 Jun 2016

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