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updated 2 months ago

I finally have time to sit down and... Breathe. Life been crazy hectic ever since school started. Life is all about, sending kids to school, getting groceries done, meal plan, and (OK my helper will prepare ingredients with my instructions), reply emails and enquiries on IG, update website, deal with supplier, fetch kids from school, prepare dinner, guide kids with homework, put them to bed 😴😴😴

I hardly even have time to workout! It's the second week I have not done any workout at all!

And if u wonder why am I so free to update now, er because we have a pop up store at a bazaar now. OK come come 15th Jan to 20th Jan at Shoppes Four Seasons.

I hired someone to help me to take care of the Booth, because how the hell do I have time to be here whole day!

And many advised me to try to be here, just to make sure at least the girl I hired will work properly. Then I realised, I really need to be here! Not so much in monitoring her, but more like for me to escape my hectic reality

Like a work/business trip u know? Haha but my trip is to KL center only and lasts 10 hours a day 😂

Seriously I'm so sick of meal planning hahahaha (pls don't bash me mothers) so my husband gonna handle the kids for 1 week! 👏. I'm gonna just let go and focus on my bazaar. Tbh I'm even planning to get a staycation in town over the weekend hahahaha! But that's really bad ROI man 😂 I think after half a day being here, I spent more than I earned 🤔

My lunch

My dinner. That's right. No crowd here and that's what I've been doing whole day. Eat eat and eat

This year, I didn't even bother. OK I made an effort of going to IPC a day before the school started to make new sticker, but there were many desperate last minute parents like myself, queieng to make. So I gave up. So since class was the same I just amended 1 to 2. #recycle #reuse #notlazy and yea come on, I don't think many students can finish all 100 name stickers in 1 year

As for the brother, because he changed class this year. I cannot reuse. So I didnt bother doing at all. Until today

😂😂😂😂 No time to go la. And he said teacher is very serious that this needed to be done. I hope I don't get him in trouble

Day 15

Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019

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pocopoco (avatar)

pocopoco Wow must have label ? Can’t just use Sharpie to write ?

2 months ago

mommisaurus (avatar)

mommisaurus @pocopoco er I cannot find sharpie so I didn't write for him, 😂😂😂 I think teacher complained

2 months ago

pocopoco (avatar)

pocopoco Oh I see. I am the reverse. Cannot find the label I made for him so just use sharpie and been using sharpie ever since 😂

2 months ago

xueyun (avatar)

xueyun Can think of getting a label maker. It’s really time saver and easy to use too, type name, print and stick. 😆

2 months ago

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