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Little Feet 🦶🏻

It’s been quite awhile since Baby A has treated me to a drink. A drink of chrysanthemum tea, hurhur.

Baby A was fussing for who-knows-what reason yet again this morning, after changing his diaper and giving him a feed. I think he wanted to be carried because his “loudspeaker” would switch off each time I did so. I regret to say I can’t give him what he wants all the time because Mommy here has some rights too (woke 2x to pump, 2x to feed and change diaper between 1245am to 7am leh!!!)! I decided to carry him still, but in a sitting position.

& I couldn’t stop admiring his feet while doing so 😹

I am

weird. I know.

Day 110

Saturday, 20 Apr 2019

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