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Hello from Jewel!

Wed : Baby A was not as smiley as usual! :( Both before and after work. Our helper also mentioned that he did not scream (excited shrieks) like usual. Thur (today): He still seemed grouchy when I greeted him in the morning 😩. He started smiling sooooo much when I started bathing him though. I love how he looks when I wash his head/ hair hahaha. His smiles are so precious! I also hope my GAIA soap and California Baby cream reaches me today! The California Baby cream is good for rashes.

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My aunties just bought a baby spa package for Baby A and my nephew to share!

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Just wanted to rmb these fleeting but precious moments before they fade away in #mombrain...

I had a very fussy baby ytd. Sighhhhhh.I knew I only managed to check my phone at 3.21am to set the alarm for my MOTN pump at 4am😖.Anyway, between coaxing a fussy baby and my MOTN pump, I chose the former. Not much of a choice really....😂. I did latch him eventually to coax him after a lot of other failed attempts (the heavenly yaolan+ pacifier combi didn’t work at all zzz) but I didn’t pump to clear after, and had only latched on one side.

There are 4 cubicles in my office’s lactation room. I’ve asked Mummies in my organisation and generally, they do not pump longer than 20 minutes , max 2x a day during office hours. I queued for 25 minutes today for a turn at a cubicle 🥴. Given that 5-10 minutes (10 is kinda a stretch imo) is needed to “set up”/“tear down” your equipment, I’m quite sure there were pax who were pumping well beyond 20 mins and I think it’s quite obvious that there were people queuing..........???

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