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Pump Bag 👛

My current top priority is to trim my hair! It actually looks jet black irl and kinda dead. I’m hoping to revive it so I look less unkempt in the mornings and to make my prep-time shorter.

I tried posting the ⬆️ at 2pm but it was faulty all this while!

B declared today as “me-day”, so I went to run errands, go for a hair cut, get a pedicure (saying goodbye to manicures for a long, long time), and eat what I want. It felt like me being me not too long ago, but not without that sense of guilt for being away for so many hours.

I managed a pump in between too! I bought this travel organiser which has a bag within a bag within a bag within a bag within a bag within a bag. There, 6 bags in total! I love compartmentalising stuff so this is awesome for me.

I used 4 out of 6 bags for my pump bag. It’s made up of uhm this waterproof material thingy, which is great because I give it a quick rinse after each outing, and it dries (technically it can’t dry la since it’s waterproof) so fast.

The biggest bag lies flat so it’s easy for me to find and retrieve what I need. One bag houses my flanges/bottles, one the Spectra 9 plus with tubes and backflow protector, and the last my gel ice pack (where I place the bottle with EBM eventually too).

This is obviously not a cooler bag, so my gel ice pack gets un-chilled really fast.Daiso does sell cooler bags of varying sizes, and I’m pretty sure I can get one to fit in this pouch I use for gel ice pack/bottled EBM ! I’ve actually went to drink stalls to buy ice the both times I used this “pump bag”.It kept the EBM nicely cooled for 3ish hours! I asked for an extra plastic bag the second time round and placed the pouch in it, to prevent leaks when the ice melts.

Day 109

Friday, 19 Apr 2019

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tinyxone (avatar)

tinyxone I love compartmentalising too 🙌🏻

1 month ago

mochridhe (avatar)

mochridhe Yess! I actually feel more relaxed taking out my stuff than fumbling around to search for smth 😻 @tingggg

1 month ago

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