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Delivery @ Mt Alvernia (cont’d)

I tried hard to bear with the side effects, hoping so hard I would dilate and be able to deliver soon. It was so unbearable and I started sobbing throughout. Yup, gotta live up to my crybaby status. Whenever the nurse came in, we asked if what I was feeling was normal and I was told yes it’s a “side effect”.

I got very very emotional during the 2+/ 3 hours in this state. I was feeling terrible and I even wondered if I would live past this experience ๐Ÿ˜‚. I kept asking B on the fetal heart rate.

I did ask the nurses to help lower the epidural. I can’t rmb what level it was exactly, perhaps from 11 down to 8 over several requests, but the “spasms” and fever would not subside. I just felt more terrible over time. I was questioning myself if I would even have energy to push, and if my fever would cause baby to be in distress, whether I should just opt for emergency c sect. It was a lot for me both physically and mentally!

Change in shift of Nurses - fever @ 39 degreeC, vomiting and a pill inserted

It got so bad that I started vomiting, they changed the vomit tray twice. This happened while 2 new Nurses took over. I can’t rmb exactly the sequence now (opps), but one of the 2 new Nurses then reduced my epidural level to 6.

I was left in the room again and somehow I dazed in and out of everything that was happening. I could hear B talking to me, playing voice clips from my close friends to hang in there (& some v lame jokes).

After close to an hour, the same nurse came back to check.

I finally hit 8cm for my dilation.

We continued waiting in this state. I could feel myself burning up but everything felt much more manageable. I was so nervous because I was reaching the cut-off time my gynae had suggested for me to choose for an emergency c-Sec instead. I didn’t want to call the Nurses in to check on the dilation lest they make that decision for me.

We actually went past the suggested timing by abit, and I finally asked B to call in the Nurses.

She took my temperature, I was 39 degreeC! I thought she would not let me go natural, but instead she stuffed some pill up my A-hole.

She stuck her hand up, didn’t give a definite yes that I was alr 10cm. But she said the most wonderful thing.

Let’s try to push once.

Haha what the! I was so happy and I pushed like mad. She commented that my baby’s head was big, so she slanted me at a degree and told me she would be calling the gynae in already. Omg I was so so so grateful.

My gynae reached shortly, and she got the Nurses to get the set-up ready. & shortly after we started the pushing!

I really mustered whatever I had and tried to direct it .. uhm.. downstairs with my lips pursed so tightly. I pushed so hard the bottom half of my face was “bruised” from broken capillaries which lasted 1-2 days. Thank goodness they went off!

After 20-30 minutes of pushing, Baby A was finally out!

Stitching / PD Visit

They placed Baby A on me apparently but to be hornet I didn’t feel anything on me lol. He also didn’t cry immediately! They had to suck fluids out of his system for awhile first. I was quite anxious while waiting for the cry ๐Ÿ˜…. All the shows I watched ..bluff one la. Just like how they always show waterbag burst = immediate labour.

My gynae proceeded to stitch me and it took quite long. She was the coolest, chatting while sewing me up. I was trying to look at Baby A in the meanwhile!

He was so curious! He was looking all around the OT, smiling quite a bit (now where did all those smiles go?!).

When my gynae was finally done, I saw her do some paperwork and she prepared to walk off as casually as how I would tap out of the MRT. I really felt that she played such a significant part then and admiration shot up x1000.

The funniest part was that she had some blood on her skirt. When the nurse told her, she said “ aiya I’m so old, no one will think is my period” ๐Ÿ˜‚

I was also taught how to latch and it was so amazing ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•. It was the very first thing I did with Baby A and will always remain precious to me.

The PD came to do an examination of Baby A as well. We were then left with the Nurses in the delivery ward.

By this time, I was so exhausted till I fainted! Lol. I woke up to an oxygen mask over me and my black vision blurring out to so many Nurses above me.

B said my blood pressure went damn Low and I passed out for close to half an hour. He also told me the oxygen mask was chargeable ๐Ÿ˜ก@&$!?

Anyway I was finally wheeled out close to 8pm and I never felt more relieved!

Both our families were around and all I could do was focus on the food. But I was so weak so my mama fed me ๐Ÿฅด.

So... that’s about it! Super Long post on the delivery experience. Some photos to share:

We got a single bedder in the room called “St Emma”.

Sofa area which hosted all our guests!

More seats.

Sink area.

There was also a toilet but I wouldn’t recommend guests to use it because there’s a lot of bleeding after delivery so there tends to have this iron smell?! Lol sorry if TMI.

Okay this has been Super Long I need to nap now. BYE!

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Day 26

Saturday, 26 Jan 2019

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