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June 2019

I was looking around for tissue since my first pump session in office bcos of my leaky nose. This came on and off throughout the day.Towards the end of the day, I could feel a headache again :( & that few warning signals of an impending flu.Tonight is the first night since the nanny left that I’m not the one making Baby A sleep. Leaving it to the helper and feeling worried and just.. missing him.I just need tonight to sleep well and be up n bouncing again!

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I’m seriously bewildered at my own cravings! I decided this morning that I HAVE to eat potatoes. You know the Chinese style kind where they slice it and fry it with pork slices? I also have no lunch plans today so I decided I would pack lunch from this Super homely caifan stall where they have the BEST potatoes. I left at 1140 bcos they sell out fast but alas, I see a snake(ing queue) in front of me and am hoping potatoes don’t sell out.

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I look mad right now.

I hope Dayre stays alive bcos I’m posting some of Baby A’s milestones:I think on Mon, my MIL told me he has started to show signs of crawling! Not a smooth crawl but he will try very hard to push himself forward and sometimes his backside ends up in a Super high position that is so adorable 😂. I know bcos for some reason, he has been trying to crawl before bedtime the past 2 nights. He will start off with some enthusiastic flipping first.

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