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March 2019

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PS Cafe & Homemade Blends!

I don’t know where my diet is going.. and the “no sugar” rule is not actualizing.. at all!!My tummy is super happy in the meanwhile though.

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Oasis Terrace / Lolla

Had a short outing to Jie’s place and it was so fun! I was kinda tired though.. that’s the struggle between staying home and going out - how tired do you want to get and will you have energy to see you through night duty 😂?

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The last of ML/ IG mummies 💕

Exactly 4 weeks before I start work again!

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Start of Project Keep Fit!

Hahaahahaha. I saw this when I came back to my room after bringing Baby A to my MIL/ helper in the morning. Changed diaper in wee hours of morning but the bin was too far/ I don’t like to leave it on the cot as I continue cleaning Baby A. I then threw it on the floor and forgot about it!

Time & Space

I guess what I want to say is give me some space, some trust, some opportunities . To learn, to adapt, to appreciate this new season of mine. I think I am trying but not trying hard enough 🙃. So I will keep trying and speak out more, be braver and find my voice.Quit talking and start doing!

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