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February 2019

Stretch Marks Horror

I’m not sure why but my stretch marks at both sides (hip bone area) have doubled and I still see new ones growing. Why! I have been putting stretch mark recovery cream once a day but not stretch mark prevention cream which I used to twice a day. Am I supposed to do both? I went to find out about laser but I know it’s not practical if we are planning for more than 1 kid but.. it’s really unbearable to my eyes. I told B maybe I should tattoo a zebra all across my waist to hide it.

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Date Night

Today is my first date with B since giving birth ๐Ÿ˜Š.I’m wearing my once-upon-a-time loose culottes that now fits so snugly and is boasting off my mum-tum.CL says no raw fish while I’m breastfeeding (in case of allergies for baby) and no cold drinks till 40 days. I will try best to keep within limits yet make myself happy! I alr drank sips of cold stuff here and there anyway.

Helper is here!

Not sure why I’m so tired even though we have gotten so much help! We extended the CL for one week to overlap with the helper. They can’t communicate though, so I am acting translator for this week! Also, there are too many people giving different instructions to the helper, and everyone has different styles of how the same task should be done. I managed to draw up some timetable after speaking to both my in-laws (while B snores away on sofa๐Ÿ˜…). I hope things fall into place soon!

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My Great Escape

I love you and miss you so so so so so much.

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of Firsts

I bathed Baby A for the first time today! With the nanny watching at the side of course, telling me I have to be faster lol.But still!

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Weight gain first, weight loss NOW

I gained 13kg during my pregnancy! Overall, I am happy because when I entered my third tri, I only put on 4kg. Glad that baby grew more in the third tri! I have lost 7kg, but the remaining 6 is still stubbornly stuck! Thinking of ways to lose it.The tricky thing about diet is I still need to eat well because of breast milk ! I want to exercise hard core but I don’t want the fats to turn into muscles too ๐Ÿ˜‚. V bulky.

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