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January 2019

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Thoughts at Confinement Day 5

Whee, gifts from friends which help me get through the days. It’s not like .. difficult like the work kind of stress? But it’s so very tiring. I’m trying to get the hang of intermittent sleep and I’m determined to still feel awake with my new sleep cycle! Ciao, to wake up in 2 hours ++.

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Maternity Photos

I will have to leave the delivery experience for another day! I am hoping to make it as detailed as possible, cos I did scout around for information on delivery to keep myself mentally prepared on possibilities and options. I hope that whatever I share can be useful, if not fun to read too! *****

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Delivery @ Mt Alvernia (cont’d)

I tried hard to bear with the side effects, hoping so hard I would dilate and be able to deliver soon. It was so unbearable and I started sobbing throughout. Yup, gotta live up to my crybaby status. Whenever the nurse came in, we asked if what I was feeling was normal and I was told yes it’s a “side effect”.I got very very emotional during the 2+/ 3 hours in this state. I was feeling terrible and I even wondered if I would live past this experience 😂. I kept asking B on the fetal heart rate.

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Delivery @ Mt Alvernia

Hello At 40w + 3d (Fri, 25 Jan), I have checked in to Mt Alvernia as planned for induction.We arrived at late night on Thu (24 Jan) and went up to level 3 where I was brought to the delivery room. I was told to remove all my clothing and put on the hospital robe which was tied at the back. When the nurse led me to the bed, however, she untied the robe so I was actually lying on the bed with the robe on my top 😂.

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The Wait, again

I was not in the highest of spirits earlier today because I didn’t hear what I wanted to! 😂 How silly can I get, expecting Life to go my way all the time?! 39w + 6 days at 0 dilation. Yes, I’m disappointed but there’s just so much more to rejoice over.Like how I can nap now while it’s raining outside.How @tunny has kept me, baby and the delivery in her prayers.How B is trying to cheer me up 😂. Even brought me to Decatholon to.. try to bounce on a ball. Lol.

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