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July 2019

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Baby A has been on solids for about 2-3 weeks now? I came home from work one day and my MIL said she had started feeding him plain porridge lol. It started in really small amounts like just a few teaspoons to about... half a small bowl (2x a day) currently. These are some variations we have tried:- Plain porridge- Plain porridge with sweet potato- Plain porridge with pumpkin - Plain porridge with threadfin fish - Plain porridge with pumpkin + threadfin + broccoli

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Good morning! My first time cooking porridge.. for my MIL who’s sick 😞.

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This is how Baby A sleeps currently. The moment you place him on the bed, he’ll twirl around and land in this face down position. I get very paranoid when I can’t see his nostrils, plus the pacifier seems to be slightly obstructive. We do try to shift him but he’ll end up...like this......

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Guess who was the extra af Mommy who was so excited for a family member’s wedding that she planned 3 outfits for her son???

I’m grateful that my colleague helped me and pointed out a scenario I never thought of today.I’m grateful that the bus came just as I reached - it could have been a really Long wait.I’m grateful that the Aunty who unknowingly walked across the road when the red man was on (she was looking at the traffic light at the second junction ahead, instead of e one she was at) made it safe.. a van was heading her way. I exclaimed for her to be careful when I walked past her (I’m Aunty too).

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