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March 2019

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Back to the grind! Exercising today after not exercising for weeeekkksssss & my body has unceremoniously gained a couple ole pounds. Actually I’m just going to clear my credits before they expire, but really am considering cancelling my ClassPass membership... it’s such a pain to go exercising, and I can do it at home actually! But I do think it’s an affordable way to keep fit.If it wasn’t for weight gain, I probably would refuse to exercise 😣

February 2019

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I’m positively dying right now

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Guess for the first time ever I have someone who WANTS to celebrate v day with me, while I would rather nua at home lolol. Halp pls.

January 2019

At this very moment, I’m on my way to exercise classes to BURN OFF MY GREED. Honest to god, I hate exercise so much, but I’ve been eating non stop & enjoying the good, sugar laden life too much to end up paying for it. Sigh. I should learn to control my mouth so that the rest of my body doesn’t suffer, goodness gracious.Also booked 2 exercise classes almost back to back!!! Reason being that I’m FAT & I ought to burn as much calories as my sorry body can work!

I know this is quite creepy, but I had a dream where I was together with a dayrean whom I’ve been following for quite some time on a trip. Long story short, we had an argument that sparked out from my narrow viewpoint when I was giving her my personal opinions. Brrrr, even my dream self wants me to better improve myself.On the other hand, I had barre class supposedly at 1020am.... but I overslept and woke up at 10 so I paid $15 to late cancel it. Honestly though, I feel okay about it bc that

I’m gonna die of sore throat tmr I think. Should have resisted and not chowed at him cries. This is how my 2019 started hahahah. Also, I ended up not continuing my 2018 recap?! 😂 will do it when I find the time too hahah!

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