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April 2019

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Thanks for the message 😊

Letting go and moving on. In the new year, I don’t want to look back anymore.

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All it takes is one incident to ruin a good day. Tmr is the last day of my pt job and I’m going to end it on a bad note. Accidentally misplace something in the morning while I was busy and I only realised it at night. By then I can’t find it. Sigh obviously I’m doomed. In addition to that my in charge mentioned that she wants to share some things with me but did not have the time recently. WHYYYYYY....I thought I was doing alright actually? :(

Gosh people on this app can be soooooo entitled. “Monkey see, Monkey do”. It’s such a Singaporean mentality, following what the crowd does instead of making a decision for themselves.

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I cried for 5 mins straight...... it’s hard to see how difficult some people have it. My first world problems are nothing against them. How can has 5 children yet all of them neglected her? Still, she even made sure to defend them infront of the camera.Despite extremely little to live by, she is still so positive and has resigned to the fact that she has to work every single day to get by. Life is tough for most but some people have it so so so more harder beyond imagination.

My eye lids are heavy My shoulders are aching My feet are tired But at least it’s not a day wasted and I will get a good night of rest. Waking up to a free day~

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