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February 2019

Was really pissed at my colleague earlier this morning. Basically she called me to clarify something I did on the website which was directed by my boss. She told me another thing and questioned if my boss guided me on it. I made the changes immediately but after lunch she sent me an email which was super confusing and contradicting to the call we had earlier. I didn't want to call her because I was so annoyed so I just replied her email with facts we discussed.

January 2019

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Rix woke me up this morning telling me Aloy has passed on. It was so devastating to hear it. What made things worse was when I saw Jayley's post. I can't ever imagine the feeling of losing someone who thought to be your life partner. He seemed like a really really nice guy and it's so sad that people like him has to suffer yet people like that scumbag passenger from Eva air is still alive and getting away with bullshit. Times like this, I really don't believe in religion or any faith.

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Been a long and bad day. Why do I always make the wrong choices in life?

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2018 Recap

Ok posting this a bit late haha but I finally have time to do this! Just gonna list a couple of things that I can rmb cos my memory sucks so bad lol.

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I've been working out pretty consistently for the past six months and my weight has only been going up and up and up. As much as I tell myself that those are muscles weight, I know that part of it is also fats that I gained from snacking too much. The problem with working out so much is that I don't control what I eat. So I snack a lot which is pretty damn bad la. Sigh. It's so hard to control my mouth and I just keep putting things into it despite how full I am.

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