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why i can't earn as an id 😂

Omg renovations upstairs today, on the day I have to rush out my submissions. Whyyyy i'm so annoyed. It's always the neighbors upstairs, I swear they're obsessed. As someone trained in interiors before, I have to admit I'm not a big fan of full blown renovations actually. I like cookie cutter places, with nice tiles and wall finishes in tact already and I prefer to do the minimum, like probs just wall painting/ installations.

Finally lunch! I still don't understand why there's so many people in jollibee at 3.30pm lol.

The older I get the less expectations I have of people, even close friends who I used to depend on. I know it's common but i'm someone who really doesn't believe in OTing unless neccessary, especially when I have an appointment with friends so it's really frustrating that this keeps happening. Oh well, I guess it's good I didn't enter that company in the end. I've always held onto the 8 hour and no more or less work day rule.

Day 78

Tuesday, 19 Mar 2019

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