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me and mr lumpy

If you've ever wondered what I do on a day to day basis as a freelancer... and yes those are chickens in my hdb estate. I love the little garden by my estate, it's so well taken care of like a secret garden.

Some days i feel like this though. A bit small and a bit confused and a bit sad because I don't feel like I belong in this world.

But then I tell myself imma be alright and my lumpy man tells me so too.

He'll remind me to breathe.

And to take my time.

Sometimes lumpy man is me and sometimes he/she is not me, maybe my little personal motivator haha! I wanted to share this on social media but i'm really shy because it involves me being very vulnerable about my state and how i am. I'm not always or even close to secure, I have so many self esteem and confidence issues but when i'm stressed i draw mr lumpy hahaha because he's easy to draw and he really does take on a character of his own!

He was purple before ( he's one of my favourites and i think a lot of people on my ig like him too haha ) and there's so many more images stowed away of him in my ipad drawn in the early stages when i was just so stressed and anxious.

I think he came about very early on last year, during my final year prep when i was doing a book on art therapy.

I'll get round to reprinting that wonderful book one day. I poured my heart into it, it's even got a little personality segment that matches you to an art style ( art enthusiasts or ppl just looking for a hobby lemme know if you wanna see it, it suggests things for you to try out hahaha and i wanna see if it works )

But this was fun. I hope you guys like the visuals, I think this is alot more fun than the usual work rants haha!

#illustration #dayinthelife #mrlumpy

Day 81

Friday, 22 Mar 2019

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