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Guess who scored herself a super cute vintage denim jacket, for $10! I couldn't resist hahaha! I saw the label from the corner of my eye while passing by one of those cheap makeshift clothes stores in Clementi and I couldn't not get it. It says valentino rudy i think, i kind of recognise it but it's not the label it's the fit!! Super oversized but it doesn't go past my wrists 😍

Dayre please stop lagging on me. I know you guys on the tech side are probably implementing some changes and tweaking the ui but I'd really like to browse rn hahaha!

Went to plaza sing hoping I could get some earrings from the collab at muji workspace but nope have to attend the workshop for them on thursday, but ya know what i am determined to get a pair of them haha! Been seeing some eps posting about dayre 2.0 too. Actually I haven't read much about it. I mean, if the charge is reasonable ( maybe 4 to 5) I'd be okay with it hahah! If it isn't, I guess I could do without it too although it'll be sad cause I love the dayrehomes section haha!

Lol decided to delete previous rant posts on housemate because, sighs, there's no point getting angry over these small things that can be settled in one whatsapp message.Anyone who happened to catch a glimpse of the word vomit ( gross i didnt wanna use this term but 🤷‍♀️ ) sorry! This actually happens alot but I rarely write them down except in my journal.

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Sunday afternoon pasttimes; sketching plants and drinking teh tarik. A father on the table opposite talks to his son about jobs and money and work and I wish he would just eat his meal instead. Just enjoy your weekend and enjoy the scenery around you. Honestly, they don't seem very nice although they do seem very educated. Hm. I think I prefer kindness.

Recently me and B have been talking about houses. I want a resale but he wants a bto hahah. I just want to pick my own place 😛 But... I guess if we can get a bto nearer to sembawang at canberra, it's not too bad too. I think my only requirement is that my future house doesn't face another building haha

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