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the freelance life

Expectations vs reality, but this is legit today though. It is so muggy today, please just rain already!!! It's been awhile too! Hullo everyone! I actually wanted to post less on personal things and more on illustration but I can't do it haha! Dayre is my safe space 😂I've been swamped in work and meetings and preparing portfolios and drafts, who said freelancing was easy 😥 although it's also kind of my fault for making myself too available. I did this image recently for a client too!

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Explaining pricing and alternatives in the work!

Morning desk situation. Working on some drafts for an upcoming self published book with a friend!

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My cousin's wedding invite!

Ugh, feeling superrr under the weather right now but I promised to meet B for lunch at lasalle! Gonna have me a simple cup of tea/ ice cream and head back home after. I'm cancelling my evening plans as well. I'd honestly rather be resting at home and finishinh up my work. Lol I get why freelancers have no social life now haha.

So so hot today! I really love hot dry weather but it's been wreaking havoc on my skin.I'm heading out finally, after cooping at home with B for two days straight but I'm sad to go :( I love spending time with B eventhough all we do is watch cat videos and eat lol. He just changed his room layout too and it feels so nice and windy. Anyway, I'm gonna head straight for the bubble tea store when I reach. I've been controlling my expenses and bbt is a luxury now for this hobo.

Sigh. Friends. Some days I don't know if I can call most of my friends just that. I don't know if my standards for friendships are just too high or if generally it's just hard to actually meet true friends. I always set my expectations up only to be disappointed but I don't know how to not set expectations; I give my all when it comes to people, doesn't everyone? I have more reliable ex colleagues than friends.Let go, let go.

Its so humid right now, I can feel my allergies bubbling up ( literally, cause I have blister like eczema, its called dyschrotic or something complicated like that ) My allergies have worsened over the week cause of the heat recently.how la, sg 24/7 humid, I can't even move elsewhere exceot japan maybe lol. Anyway heading home to out down my stuff so I can meet the bf at sembawang for dinner. It's gonna be soooo crowded hais.

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