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April 2019

Watching a video on asian boss about china's beauty standards and its so??? I'm currently doing an app that's targeted at their market but I really don't understand their ideals anymore lol. I've had friends complain about how there's like a type that guys go for here; like OL hahaha but honestly I think most of the guys I have met aren't really as superficial as the people in that video.v

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berlin's sponge city

Seriously this humidity has got to stop. It's 9am in the morning, way too early to be sweating.

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Today's weather looks so much like tokyo but feels so much like...singapore. I miss Tokyo so much 😫Such a slow day. B and me separated ways in the morning, he went back to school. I'm headed home. I'm semi tempted to drop by westgate for a little window shopping, but, maybe I'll just save myself from the temptation. I've been eyeing this nail polish from tokyu hands but I'll just wait it out.

these things take time

Sigh, so much work, so little time. Slightly dreading the next two weeks cause it'll be a mad rush to conplete all outstanding and new ( 😥 ) work before actual work starts.I wouldn't have taken any additional work if I wasn't so cash strapped this month but bopian 😕 rents and bills need to be paid.

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Been following up on someone on Instagram lately. She doesn't know me and neither do I but I have so much love for her. For her courage and her words and her hope to go on and move forward. Reading her posts make me cry because she is so strong. There are so many things I want in the world but actually all I want is to share more memories with my loved ones.

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