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December 2018

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my word for 2019

It's the last day of 2018, and all I can say to myself and everyone else is Jiayou! For the coming year! " You can do it, I understand you, keep going." There's so many meanings to this simple word haha! I kept thinking while drawing: this is what a singaporean greeting card looks like hahaha...and I probably will make it into a card in times to come! This year has been really tough on me but this drawing gives me hope and motivation for a better year ahead!

What a day it's been. Ate lunch with the bf and his family, met with old uni mates for drinks. Tomorrow I'm heading to church with the little brother after almost a year. I'm really thankful for him really. Aside from B and my bff girlfriend, he really is my rock. I used to joke that I might make him my bridesmaid groomsmen but actually, if he doen't mind I really would.

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hair goals and workshops maybe?

Feeling super vain today and I took a hair ootd cause omg my hair is finally long enough to tie up! And it curls super cutely and ever so slightly at the end thanks to my perm from aug ahahaha! Hair goals cause I've always wanted my hair to look like those models' in japanese magazines.

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Enough with cafes, this is the real, good life. Teh O and a good comic. The only thing you can't see in this picture are the two loud people speaking coarsely in mandarin next to me. The lady looks so elegant but oh lord when she opens her mouth...All I want this end of year is a bit of peace and quiet and some space to read.

Passing my resignation letter over in a bit and signing the notice of termination but it feels more like I'm stepping into a battle zone. I can already feel the tenseness. I wish I wasn't the type of person who wore her heart on her sleeves.

Merry Christmas Dayre friends!

So I've left my job. It was such a short stint and I burnt a bridge. I'm sad that I've disappointed people along the way but I also don't care anymore for others' opinions. I will start caring for myself again.I only have myself but I will move forward with what I have always wanted to do to begin with.

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