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March 2019

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me and mr lumpy

If you've ever wondered what I do on a day to day basis as a freelancer... and yes those are chickens in my hdb estate. I love the little garden by my estate, it's so well taken care of like a secret garden.

I love that we live in the age of youtube but it's also so hard sometimes not to compare when I see others doing so well. I always think about whether it was the right choice, pursuing design and art as a career. I don't think I could ever be the best at what I do. Good enough is already so hard. I'm trying to work on not belittling myself because I've come far from where I was before but some days like today, with this murky warm weather I think too much and criticise too much.

Rushed out two applications in the last hour. I'm really really interested in one but the chances are really low cause I'm sure everyone wants a piece of that company sigh. I think that company is the only one i might truly truly love though haha, I don't really like to throw the word passion around but I think their industry is probably one of the few things I can say I'm truly passionate about.

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why i can't earn as an id 😂

Omg renovations upstairs today, on the day I have to rush out my submissions. Whyyyy i'm so annoyed. It's always the neighbors upstairs, I swear they're obsessed. As someone trained in interiors before, I have to admit I'm not a big fan of full blown renovations actually. I like cookie cutter places, with nice tiles and wall finishes in tact already and I prefer to do the minimum, like probs just wall painting/ installations.

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Monday journalling

I was watching a vlog by this korean youtuber ( sueddu, she's the best, and her vlogs are so soothing ) and I was just so inspired by the UK. I've never really considered the idea of visiting London cause I've always had a grimy, grey image of the country but it looks so much like parts of Melbourne and oh gosh, I can already imagine myself loving the weather and the outdoors.

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my 16personality results changed??

I went for an interview today and was surprised to learn something about myself! Had to take a personality test ( although I hope that doesn't make my potential employer double take since they now know how impulsive i am ) All these years i've always been an intp or intj hahaha but reading through the description now, i've realised i rwally resonate more with the description. Actually i was more shocked about the result than the interview lol, cause i've always been more introverted...

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