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August 2019

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Selling kanoe linen dress!

#dayresell #dayreselling #selling #dayrebuysSelling this KANOE linen dress, BNWT at $20. I bought from a seller on carousell and it's in perfect condition but it's just a bit too oversized on me!

Sigh feeling super grumpy and sore from pilates. I just want this week too quickly end alreadym The crying baby in my carriage is killing me abit too. One more week till payday and then i can finally get contacts and a haircut again.

Reading another dayrean's post and now i'm wondering whether my food choices have been the one making me bloated and unwell all this time too.I used to bloat so much in poly but when i started working at my first job, i started spending more on better food ( like maybe $8-12 ) but in my current job le colleagues prefer having cheaper meals and i've gained so much. It could just be the bbt too but i don't think i'm very satisfied with my lunches which is why i get bbt after

Hais talking about the handmaid's tale with B ended up leading to a discussion on religion with B. I always struggle to talk to him about it and honestly it could really end up being a deal breaker. I don't consider myself conservative but I really am who I am because of my faith and its such a big part of my life that i think B understands but doesn't really want to be involved in. It just makes me really sad when we end conversations abruptly because he knows i'll get emotional.

Just watched some recaps of the handmaid's tale and ugh how horrifying. I'm glad there's a show like this but to think, some form of this cruelty happened before, how horrible. I really can't watch these shows because they remibd ne of how cruel the world can be. As much as I've complained about living in singapore, i'm still grateful to be in a society where women are allowed more equal opportunities and an equal say 😥

Managed to calm down a bit after my bath sigh. I have a feeling i probably won't have enough time to give the current housemate enough notice ( out of respect for his parents.. ) but either way no more ignoring or letting things slide. I always play down my annoyance by saying things like sorry but the next time these things happen i'll just tell him to stop it.

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