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updated 4 months ago

Hello 😬

I’ve been away for a long time; anyone miss me? I was so busy with wedding and house prep that I really didn’t have time to sit down and pen my thoughts here!

So.. it's been a few days since our #SagaSeedWedding happened last weekend! How time flies.

Hope y’all managed to catch some snippets on IG live/stories hehe. Will do a proper post soon!

For now, I’m really happy that all that craziness is finally over and we've pretty much settled nicely into our own home ❤️

Life with Ahlao at #SungHouse has been pretty chill and amazing! Still can't believe we have a home :')

These days I'm still busy unpacking stuff and filling our home with pretty things I bought when I was 22 HAHAHA 😂

Being married to Ahlao feels so wonderful.

If you ask me if it's anything different from when we were dating or fiancé/fiancée, I would say not much, not major, but it just feels different.

Of course throw in domestic chores and it’s a whole new story! But it’s fun and I like it! 😊

Day 277

Thursday, 4 Oct 2018

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m_el_n (avatar)

m_el_n Conngratulations on your wedding!

4 months ago

ancie (avatar)

ancie Congratulations!

4 months ago

everythingsushi (avatar)

everythingsushi congratulations!! 🎉🎉

4 months ago

cherily (avatar)

cherily Congrats!!! Time to relax and enjoy your marriage bliss! ❤️

4 months ago

coffeeluvs (avatar)

coffeeluvs Congratulations! 🎉🎉

4 months ago

nuaster (avatar)

nuaster congrats!! Cheers to new beginnings!

4 months ago

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