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大年初一吃汤圆, 团团圆圆! ☺️☺️ #SungHouse⁣

Woke up scrolling IG while lazing in bed, saw Nya Nya’s update and realised I didn’t prepare tang yuan as per our CNY tradition on the first day! 🙀⁣

So while Ahlao was walking Gugubie, I quickly whipped up something simple to surprise him hehe 😁❤️⁣

Guess who’s rly pleased with the oriental bowl and traditional CNY breakfast 😅 祝我们永远甜甜蜜蜜 🙆🏻‍♀️💋

Cutest 旺旺 ever 🐶💖

Wow happy new year pull my ear. I 竟然 got time to dayre in the car because well well, OUR CAR BROKE DOWN! 😂😂

Rly is very Huat.

First CNY without my wongfam and I actually felt like crying this morning lol 😅

Cos every year we start with tangyuan tgt, then we head to mama’s house for 斋 lunch, and that’s where I get to meet all my relatives and cousins and it’s always a boisterous affair.

And mostly importantly, I’m with my sisters!! 🙆🏻‍♀️

But this year 2 of us got married so it’s a lot more different.. can’t wait to see them!!

Felt a bit sed to receive Nya Nya’s message this morning sigh. When mahoo gets married next time, my folks will legit be all alone cos they have 3 daughters 😔

First time not spending 初一 with all my sisters but heng we took our annual rooftop #CNYootd in advance! Love you my sisters!! 🙆🏻‍♀️❤️ ⁣

We are all twinning in #TheTwinselRack outfits this year! See what I did there hehehe @thetinselrack 😂 ⁣

Huge thanks to @joycesayshello @jongsy for dressing all three of us, including my sister’s bump!! 🙌🏼 #TTRootd

But here’s my actual outfit today haha.

I had wanted to wear my super heng prosperitee but now I’m kinda glad I didn’t if not I stuck in this car sweating like a legit 🐷 lolol.

Oopsie and the only pic I have of this outfit is a blurry one cos Ahlao was like “快点要出门了!!” 😅😅

Not your usual #TTRootd HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Our oranges are in a cute pineapple print red bag and our angbaos, gambling fund and other stuff are in my TTR 发 tote yay! 💚

Annual affair with my in laws!

We don’t head into the temple cos of the long queue & mostly chaos lolol but we just stand outside to give thanks 😌

Walked around a bit after that before returning to our car to find out it had already PIJA 😂😂

Long story short, we hired someone to jump start the car for $95, drove them home, drove to my aunt’s place, then hired someone to change car batt for $150, then FINALLY I got to meet my family.

That was 3 hours of lame waiting taken from my family time so sed ☹️

But the consolation was they kept the 斋菜 for me!! 😭❤️😭❤️

This year my aunt even made 粗米粉 for me awww. Usually there’s only noodles and beehoon hehe. I love thick beehoon so much!

The legendary 斋 🤤🤤

This probably looks like any regular household dish but it means so much to me. It’s the taste of FAMILY since I was a child.

We only get to taste it once a year, on 大年初一 and it just carries so much meaning and memories for me, even more now that I’m a married woman :’))

Home-cooked 斋鹅 by my aunt, she’s just genius. So so crispy but I love loading it with gravy to make it soft 😆

So thankful to have this saved for us ❤️❤️
Now my CNY is complete!

After that, my phone pretty much died and I gambled the day away so no photos of fud and an ootd with Ahlao! 😆😬

We got home late and wakes ahgu tgt, before giving him one last shower before we leave.. I love shower time with my baby cos it’s like OUR time 🥰

Look at how he prefers to curl up in his small bed when I bought him a gigantic one 😆

He doesn’t crawl into bed until his small bed is on top of his giant bed! I kent 😂😂

Gonna miss waking up to this fluff ball! ❤️

Day 36

Tuesday, 5 Feb 2019

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jongsy 😍😍 looking good Jiehui! Happy cny to you and your family 🍊🍊

1 month ago

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