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I just received my AD pictures and I’m crying tears of rage and disappointment because my deepest fears came true. The photos are bad. Like bad, bad.

I rly feel like showing y’all but I don’t want to be seen as slamming AIB here so I will email them my feedback first.

All those scenes, so fresh in my mind. But I can’t find them in the photos.

My wedding will not happen again. The lost moments are lost forever.

I had so much confidence and expectations from AIB. I followed them for so long and loved what they shared on their social media so much.

But looking at my own photos I am really really disappointed and very sed 😒😒

I just cried again this morning (after crying myself to sleep) while hugging ahlao in bed. We are both so lost. After looking at the pics again and again I just cannot believe we received them.

It’s like even if I write to them I don’t know what they can do. Cos my wedding is over. Even if they refund me what’s the point. Even if I re-enact my whole wedding, the emotions won’t ever be the same.

I trusted AIB so much that I didn’t ask to see her personal portfolio. I super regret.

We specially went down to convey our ideas. We told her we wanted more focus on the confetti, our guests’ emotions, gatecrash and my dearest Gooby.

I saved so many photos from their IG that had animals. In fact what drew me to sign with them was because I thought they KNEW animals.

From their IG.

I don’t even expect artsy shots cos I know I can’t pose. I just wanted Gooby shots on my big day. Don’t even need my face.

But she took only ONE picture of him in the entire album:


Another picture from their IG that’s actually photography.

And then there’s mine. Is this handphone.

My dear friends Grace and Amy spent so much time and effort with the styling and decor. The flowers.. and there’s not a single decent shot of the set up.

I kent 😒😒

I’ve not cried so much ever but I’m crying over my wedding. I rly wish it didn’t happen so she couldn’t ruin it πŸ˜­πŸ’”

There’s so much more. Shitty pictures of my sisters and friends.. so shitty that I don’t even know how to share.

Y’all know I’m not usually bothered about my double chin. I even always joke about it. But tell me not to be bothered by this??

How even??

I don’t even know what’s this. She add the line for what?? Might as well just let me bask in my natural double chin beauty and lemme embrace it.

And what’s all these weird stuff?

It’s like a child accidentally picked up someone’s phone or what. Rly rly unbelievable.. 😫

Please 😭😭

This is so not their standard I don’t even know what went wrong guys.. 😫😫

The confetti series is the most disappointing I feel so bad for ahlao.

I don’t talk about the yellowness.

He planned this. He bought large poppers for that picture perfect moment. If you were at our wedding, you’d see how much there was.

It was everywhereeeee.

The confetti is 倚到 they were in my mouth in my hair in my bra even. There was so much on our bodies when we showered.

But she took these. And from a distance?? She was so lazy to move forward for a proper pic even. I rly kent πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”

This was the one with the most confetti but she was so far away.

Those that she got close to us, the confetti fell to the ground already. I cannot even.

She’s our AD photog with a DSLR, not our guest seated far away with a handphone.

And just for comparison, our friend took this picture with his handphone:

I have no words.

I consulted my photographer friends and non-photographer friends. Everyone said I’m not overreacting and this is not ok.

There’s so much more shitty pics I’m not even lying. I paid good money for this. I didn’t get a discount cos I didn’t ask for one.

I trust their expertise and I respect their work.
But it is so evident that there is no depth in the photography and zero heart to cover a wedding πŸ’”

Being an associate photographer doesn’t give her an excuse to be less competent. Anyone under the AIB brand should at least have some form of professionalism or quality. Why was she even hired in the first place? Why was she sent out to ruin weddings like this? 😒

She can NEVER make it up to us cos the moments are just forever GONE.

Please tell me my feelings are justified 😭😭

FYI I already feedback to my photographer (in the most civil way possible I rly tried) but for now I’m blue-ticked. I expected it but I know she probably needs time to come up with an explanation if she can find any to begin with cos I rly don’t know what situation we are in right now.

There is just NOTHING to be done alr.

I’m not writing this to encourage boycott (even though my experience was horrible) but if you’re a bride-to-be, know that you are entrusting ALOT to this person. Your AD photog will make or break your wedding.

ASK TO SEE their personal portfolio, esp if they’re from androids cos they work as a team. It’s not just one photog. So you have to see what’s their work like.

Do you like their style, their technique? Don’t like it? ASK FOR A CHANGE.

People NEED to know so they can look out for potential problems. Having a wedding ruined is too painful.

I don’t ask for you to empathise cos I know it’s hard to put yourselves in my shoes. You didn’t go through my wedding. You weren’t there. You didn’t feel my emotions.

But just don’t get your wedding ruined.

Don’t be too trusting and end up like me.

An update:

I brought the matter up to Wilson, the director, and he promised to put all his attention into working out a solution for us (his words) so I agreed.

I really appreciate his prompt reply though I doubt much can be done. But I’ve waited so long so I don’t mind waiting again. I’ve decided to put this behind and just hope for the best.

I cried the whole day and didn’t make it to work, but I will get over it. Thank you for all the concern guys, I rly rly appreciate it ❀️

As for now, please refrain from writing angry or hate comments or spread untrue rumours that are not relevant to my case.

I own my words and everything that I’ve put in here. Because they are true recounts and I’m not encouraging boycott.

I was unfortunately sent a photographer who is probably not ready to take on weddings, but I really still have trust in the brand.

I’ve decided to give AIB a chance to salvage the pictures, however they can, so please pray for good results for me πŸ˜ŒπŸ™πŸΌ

Ahlao came back early today and we took a walk with Gooby early evening. Then he drove us back to my old place and we had a swim.

It was really relaxing and I felt a lot better after the workout. Thankful for my Ahlao who’s my support system and pillar of strength, and for being so understanding and sensitive towards my feelings.

Bringing me back to my family rly made me feel so much better. My parents made me comfort food of luncheon meat and baguette. I had a simple but great meal.

Photos can be ruined, but family ties and love won’t be. I may not have the most ideal wedding photos to look back on, but I have my memories, and people around me who love me.

That’s all that matters 😌❀️


Hello guys, sorry for the major rewind of time because till today, I am still getting messages from worried brides. I know my earlier chunk in this post caused a lot of worry but these are valid things to be worried about.

I shared what I did because I was really taken aback and disappointed by what was delivered. After a long phone call with Wilson some time back, he really tried to understand the situation and empathise with me, and also promised to personally help us re-edit the pictures.

Last week, he came over to our place to go through them one by one, presenting two versions of edits to see which we liked better.

Really sincere and wonderful service recovery I’m so so so thankful for πŸ™πŸΌ

Yesterday, he shared with me some sneaks from his re-edited version (more thorough edits are still ongoing and I’m happy to wait cos I know it will be worth it) and zomg I was so so happy to see them 😭😭

Editing and a change of filter and perspective rly did improve our situation so much. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

A tighter crop removed irrelevant objects in the picture and a change of lighting helped to see our facial expressions better.

The eggcitement on his face :’)

Wilson also made the outdoor photos less glaring/bright but this is still a work in progress cos he’s working on a less red filter so Ahlao’s suit can be more true to colour 😌

Lighting really changes everything 😭❀️

This was a bit awkward cos I rly cannot nail posey pictures but I rly love the darker/more muted edit!! Cos previously it was so so bright I looked like I was wearing crimson red lipstick and our skin looked very yellow πŸ˜…

For comparison, this was the more yellow vibe from before.


This edit really shocked me.

If you recall the original one (I shared the photo earlier in this post), it looks rly different!

It’s amazing how in photography, a subtle change in the edit can make the final product look and feel very different.

I’m so thankful that Wilson really sat down and GOT ME. He just GETS ME. And knows what I mean even though I suck at describing photography terms.

ηœŸζ„Ÿθ°’ πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

A tighter crop (other guests and hotel staff removed) and darker lighting (previously it was very yellow) so more focus can be on the sword bearers and us.

Again, I know indoor lighting can only be edited so much but this is already good enough for me :’)

He also created magic on this shot and made the confetti way way way more obvious!

During our meeting, Wilson also shared a lot of photography tips and he explained that sometimes having a spotlight at the venue will help to make confetti shots more epic, so brides-to-be please take note if you’re planning to have confetti on your wedding day :)

The whole ballroom series was so much less yellow. I rly love this shot; it was after the M1LDL1FE surprise video got screened ☺️

Really loving the darker filter Wilson did for us! 😭❀️

Not because Jia Hui is important at all πŸ™„πŸ€’πŸ˜‚

I just wanted to show the full gorgeous back detail of my Wedding Crafters dress.

Ok kidding he’s my important friend πŸ€—β€οΈ

Last pic I rly love is a raw moment I shared with the girls in this picture.

The nuffies are a huge reason I have the opportunities I have today. I was sobbing uncontrollably cos I was overwhelmed by how my life changed these couple of years and they were the ones with me from the start of this whole social media journey.

From a total newbie (not that I very old bird now), they helped me SO MUCH along the way, fighting for all the opportunities for me.. 😭

They were also the most eggcited bunch of people when I told them I met Ahlao online.. I still rmb that night they waited with me by the roadside of Red Dot to see Ahlao arrive in his bike to pick me!! Ahh those were the days πŸ’•

I am just really ever thankful for all the help I’ve received since the beginning and I will never forget that. Even until today when they have moved on to new jobs, they are STILL helping me and offering their friendship in their own ways.

Y’all know who you are! ❀️

And that includes y’all Brenda ε¦Ήε¦Ή @brenwho & ZLNN @joycesayshello!! A pity you couldn’t be there LTT @jazreeltan πŸ™†πŸ»‍β™€οΈπŸ™†πŸ»‍β™€οΈπŸ™†πŸ»‍♀️

Ok I’ve digressed.

But I genuinely want to share these pictures with you guys because I’d like y’all to know that help and service recovery was offered to us and we are really looking forward to the full set of pictures.

Huge thanks to Wilson for wanting to do this for us and rushing so hard so we could head for our honeymoon with no worries; he didn’t want us to go for our trip with bad memories and feelings 😌

Can’t thank him enough for insisting on personally making a trip down to our home to meet with us, going through the photos, and having that talk.

It was so helpful for both of us to understand the whole situation better - him our initial disappointment and us the technicalities of photography and the difference in the services they offer (principal versus associate photography) and more.

And of course ultimately I’m just majorly thankful for the edited pictures.


Day 16

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

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fullofdusk (avatar)

fullofdusk Speak to AIB first see if that’s the full set that they have. Maybe they filtered out some photos. Was yours an associate PG?

1 month ago

enilegnalyt (avatar)

enilegnalyt Oh no, I got AIB associate team for my AD :/

1 month ago

ellehcdam (avatar)

ellehcdam Sorry to hear that. If it’s any comfort I felt the same about my pictures too. In some of my table photos, my guest weren’t ready and they had derby faces. Formal shots!

1 month ago

nightskies (avatar)

nightskies Oh dear! My sis’ bff just engaged AIB! Was yours their senior PG? My SIL had AIB too but hers seem to turn out ok...

1 month ago

vroomz (avatar)

vroomz *Hugs*! Feel so sad that this happened to you. Something similar happened to my proposal photos (bf hired a PG overseas but there was ZERO photos of the actual proposal) and I cried buckets too :'( I know its different from AD but just want to say that your feelings are definitely justified. My PG gave a slight refund but as you said, it doesn't make up for it because the moments are gone T.T sending some love over πŸ™†‍β™€οΈπŸ™†‍β™€οΈπŸ™†‍♀️

1 month ago

windmills (avatar)

windmills So sorry to hear about this 😰 please don’t feel bad about telling the photographer your feedback, because the photos are definitely not AIB standards imo. Hugs πŸ™†πŸΌ‍♀️

1 month ago

penandpaper (avatar)

penandpaper These are definitely not AIB standards, or at least not what they published. Sorry this happened to you! Was looking forward to your photos cause am such a huge fan of you and your ah Lao!

1 month ago

naomianneliese (avatar)

naomianneliese 😭😭😭😭😭 I feel your painnnnn. I had the same experience with 520. They did my pre wed so god damn well that we agreed and signed them on for actual day. Biggest regret. Sending you some Hugs and kisses.

1 month ago

warmwater (avatar)

warmwater big hugs to u. i feel so sorry that this happened to u :(:( no amount of apologies from her and her team will make up for the loss.. did u engage a videographer? sigh. i feel so angry for u.

1 month ago

aiclay (avatar)

aiclay Argh hugs hugs babe ❀️ so sorry this happened. Not sure if it'll help but remember that you'll have many more precious moments with your ahlao and gooby.. although it won't be your wedding but the silver lining is at least there are still phone photos from friends and family. Thank goodness for camera phones. For now, just let the tears come if they do, HUGS BABE. πŸ‘πŸ»

1 month ago

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