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Festive Celebrations with Faber Peak Singapore

Hi guys! Long time no Dayre omg. Eb is helping me frost a kek right now so I am stealing a moment to do a proper update! 😁

Not sure if you guys realised from my previous posts, but a few of us from @churpsg are collaborating with Faber Peak Singapore this festive season & I am here to spill the beans about their year end promotions!

About two weeks ago, I was invited to try out the festive decorated cable car cabins at the Singapore Cable Car! Some of these cabins have been specially decorated according to Christmas themes, how festive! 🎄

The interior of the thematic cabins are also scented with Christmassy flavours like cinnamon and peppermint! My favourite was totally the cinnamon one! Reminds me of work, but in a good way HAHA.

Here’s a glimpse into one of the cabins!

The printed seats are so cute! 😍😍

View from my ride :)

We tried the Sentosa line and the Mount Faber line, both offered different kinds of view!

We could see everything from the top! 👀

Little Brenda @brenwho who was my date that evening. She is so so young! Read on to find out more about our dinner date ;)

After we arrived at Faber Peak Singapore (we took the Mount Faber line), this view greeted us:

Sooooo awesome. 😌

Sun was setting!

We were having dinner at Spuds & Aprons and I took these photos just outside the restaurant! This place is so so chill. 😌

Saw lots of bells hanging on the railing!

Upon a closer look, I realised that people wrote their wishes & blessings on them! 😱

With no time to waste, we went into Spuds & Aprons for dinner after taking some photos outside. YAY FOOD! 🍹🍗🍝🍮

Entrance to the restaurant!

We were really lucky to try out their festive menu that day! The food was really good. More photos below!

First thing was a basket of assorted buns! They were served warm and soft, which was super awesome! I don’t usually take butter but I couldn’t resist spreading butter on my bun hehe. So good! 😋

Refreshing berry drink with boba! I don’t take fizzy drinks so I just ate the berries haha. But the rest of them enjoyed the drink! :)

I was so happy when they served the appetiser #BecauseSalmon?!!

The tart base was really buttery and I also saw specks of spices in it! No wonder so fragrant.

I also liked how they served a side of mesclun salad to balance the flavours since smoked salmon is on the saltier side :)

Super hearty pumpkin & apple soup! I finished all of it cos it was really yummy. Plating was unique too! 👍🏼👍🏼

Our first main course was a chicken roulade! The chef even came out to explain the elements of the dish to us :) Unlike how chicken roulade is usually made, this one uses chicken thigh instead of breast meat! WUHOO. 🐔🐔

Brenda's main course was the steak! She let me try some too and it was so juicy. This cow was grain fed for 150 days, don't pray pray!

Lastly, this is the steamed apple sponge that ended our meal 🍎

The texture was very similar to a banana cake, super moist cos it was steamed, not baked! And not very sweet too, I enjoyed it! :)

After dinner, we took a cable car back & this was our view. Sigh, I forgot to bring along my camera so this phone photo is a little grainy :(

So beautiful at night :)

Oh yes guys, some time ago, I dayre-d about a photo shoot, remember? The official advert is now out in 8 Days magazine this week! Here's some behind the scenes shots from our shoot! ;)

We had to toast so many times LOL. 🍷

It was really squeezy and warm in the cabin, and the poor guys were perspiring like cray cos they were wearing long sleeved shirts and blazers!! 😰😰😰

Amanda was a total pro but I had a little bit of trouble with smiling naturally oopsie. 😬

The photographer kept making us cheer & laugh just to capture that one shot where we all look at ease. Not an easy job!

We all look super happy here but in between shots..


It was tiring but a pretty cool experience! Very thankful for this opportunity these guys :) @brenwho @missamandaleong @jhwphay

Special thanks to @sarahfam for the BTS pics! Best 保姆 on earth stayed with us throughout and went home even later. 辛苦你了!! 🙆🏻❤️

We started at like 11am but only ended at about 8pm at night! Amanda and I were beyond happy to be chased away from set HAHA.

I haven't got a copy of 8 Days this week, but I can't wait to see which photo they picked! 😁

Not sure if you guys saw the advert, but if you haven't, I heard there's gonna be Festive Dining on Cloud 9 in the cable cars & also Countdown at The Lookout (happening on 31st Dec) where you can book yourselves a table or hammock to chill on new year's eve and watch the fireworks display! 🎉

Last but not least, from now to 3 January 2016, get 1 Adult Local Cable Car Sky Pass (with $19) FREE with every 3 Adults purchased when you use the promo code:


You are totally welcome ;)

If you guys haven't made plans to usher in the new year, do consider this option, I'm sure it's gonna be super fun! 😁😁

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