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TUTORIAL | How to make πŸŽ„ cupcakes!

Hi guys!

I usually share recipes but this time I've decided to share something different. Over the years I've been receiving questions from Instagram comments, asking me about the piping tips that I use and the techniques involved. So in this post I will be sharing some decoration tips!

Since the festive season is round the corner, I thought I'd teach you guys how to pipe Christmas trees on cupcakes! :)

As you can see here, there are 2 different ways to pipe a Christmas tree! One is a swirl, one is a.... secret for now! Read on to find out! ;)

Okay, first thing is to have your cupcakes and frosting ready. Remember to dye them green since we are making Christmas trees! I am using chocolate cupcakes and cream cheese frosting btw ;) Feel free to use your preferred flavours!

The piping tips I am using are open star tips in 2 sizes; the big one is for the swirl and the smaller one is for the next design. 😁😁

Time to fill our piping bags!

Remember to cut a hole at the ends of your bag! Not too big or the piping tips will get 'squeezed out' and you'll have to clean up a greasy mess. Trust me that happened to me before. 😬

If you don't have a pastry piping bag, don't worry! A ziploc bag will do :)

After you've filled your bags with green frosting, use one hand to hold the top of the bag and the other had to guide the frosting down. We don't want air bubbles in here! πŸ™…πŸ»


We'd need some colourful sprinkles to decorate our trees, and I'm using rainbow hundreds-and-thousands and pastel stars. 😊

You can use any type of sprinkles you like, get creative! I also cut out yellow fondant stars to place on top of my trees but don't worry if you don't have fondant on hand, you can use Honey Stars! ;)

Hold the piping bag on your right hand and the cupcake in your left, start piping and move your right hand in a circular motion while squeezing the bag. When you get to the top, gently release your force and pull upwards.

Decorate with sprinkles and you're done! This is a classic swirl technique and also the easiest :)

The next design will require you to use a strawberry! πŸ“

Wash the fruit and cut off the leafy part. make sure the end is flat because this is the base of your tree! :)

Poke a toothpick at the base, and then secure the strawberry onto the cupcake.

Just like this! :)

What you need to do next is to pipe little stars around the base of the strawberry and work your way up, covering the whole fruit.

​Again, hold the bag in your right hand and the cupcake in your left. Pipe little stars by squeezing and releasing your force almost immediately. Here's another video to show you how I did it! 😁

When you're done the tree should look something like that!

Lastly, decorate with sprinkles and you're done! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this simple tutorial 😊

If you try these out, remember to tag me so I can see! It was quite fun writing this even though I made a mess with the sprinkles HAHA.

And huge thanks to @missanpan for being my hand model & videographer! πŸ‘Ή

This post was created as part of Blogger Guide to Xmas. For Christmas tips, sneak peeks and giveaways, hop to http://sg.localguide.to/xmas/ to read more now! :)

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w3nDyK (avatar)

w3nDyK It is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing ! 😁

2 years ago

happynpink (avatar)

happynpink you're generous! bless you!

2 years ago

msbulat (avatar)

msbulat So pretty!!! Nvr knew got a hidden strawbee version! Hahahah it's like a mini surprise

2 years ago

everythingsushi (avatar)

everythingsushi that is so smart on the hidden strawberry!!!

2 years ago

rebekatee (avatar)

rebekatee Love ittt!

2 years ago

joyoelay (avatar)

joyoelay the strawberry thing is damn smart

2 years ago

burstslikeabubble (avatar)

burstslikeabubble @cookiemuffins so cute!!

2 years ago

electrixheart (avatar)

electrixheart Haha thanks for sharing!!! Rlly love baking and my piping skills rlly need to improve!) Rlly love ur cupcakes!! (Esp my customized hawaiian watermelon minioncupcakes!!) haha

2 years ago

anggypea (avatar)

anggypea Thanks for sharing! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

2 years ago

missgoob (avatar)

missgoob @w3nDyK You're welcome & thank you! 😊

@happynpink Aww hope you like it! :)

@msbulat Hehe yes and less cream also! ;)

@everythingsushi Hehe thank you! 😁

@rebekatee Thank you Rebecca! 😘

@joyoelay Hidden surprise! 😁

@electrixheart Aww I remember that set! And you're welcome! 😊😁

@anggypea You're welcome! ✌🏼️

2 years ago

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