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Cheesy toast // Mentaiko pasta // Weekends πŸ’–

Last Saturday we lazed in bed till we θ‡ͺη„Άι†’ and that was really the best feeling ever! Especially when Gooby is also deeply snoozing hehehe. His little snores are the cutest 🐽

Ahlao offered to make breakfast for me this time round! I miss his ridiculous fud HAHAHA.

Eggs for breakfast yay! 🍳

He was stir frying some chopped onions when he called out, “Laopo! Come and see! I made you a heart.”


It’s an onion heart, the best kind!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Like the cheese maniac he is.. πŸ˜…

Cheesy onion omelette weehee! He’s used three eggs so it was huge lol.

So satisfying to see the oozy cheese! 🀀

We had it with toast πŸ₯ͺ

The bread, we bought in September and froze till now lol. See, time really stops in the freezer!! We microwaved it with a small dish of water and it was soft AF 🀩


It was such a warm day and after walking Gooby, we were legit dying. Ahlao asked for an iced cold Milo dinosaur so me is grant his wish πŸ€—

Milo πŸ¦–

For lunch, we made mentaiko pasta! Rmb the mentaiko we bought from Donki on New Year’s Day lolol? It was supposed to be for our anniversary dinner but we were too full πŸ˜…

We couldn’t keep it for long so weekend was the best time to cook sth fancy!

The colour 😍😍

So to get the roe out, you just slice open the membrane, then scrape them out! Super easy!

We used a teaspoon and the membrane was way stronger than it looks, didn’t tear at all!

We got this much roe from just one piece! πŸ™€

I was gonna cook it with the mentaiko pasta sauce I got from Daiso some time back! This was supposed to be for our first meal in #SungHouse HAHAHA.

That’s how the sauce looks like, and 2 pouches of roe! Heng we didn’t use all 6 pieces or it would be too overwhelming lol πŸ˜…

As for the recipe, I just emptied the packet of sauce into a heated pan, added the roe, stir stir, then add my pre-boiled spaghetti in. Just that easy haha.

I didn’t want to add other ingredients to confuse my taste buds cos I just wanted it to be pure mentaiko goodness 🀀

I only sprinkled on some furikake as garnish!


Tbh it tasted just a bit fishy and salty haha! Maybe I should add more cream or seafood next time? We still have leftover mentaiko in the fridge!

Anyone tried making a mentaiko dish? Share wimme how you cooked it! πŸ˜ƒ

After lunch, it was just a lazy afternoon of clearing work and taking naps (lol nua life max) until I had a mini heart attack.

I went into the kitchen wanting to hang up some clothes from the batch of laundry ahlao did, but when I retrieved the clothes from the washer, I realised he washed my brand new PURE WHITE shorts with coloured clothing!

To my horror, there were dark green, bright coral, and even BLACK clothing in the same batch and you guessed it, my white shorts were stained big time.


My first reaction as a result of legit shock, anger, then rage, was to shout at him “Why would you even mix black and white!!!!! This is brand new and now it’s stained!!”

I even cried angry tears (uncontrollable) cos at that point of time, I was really filled with so much shock and rage cos I couldn’t believe he just nonchalantly mixed black and white and maybe cos I’m a girl and clothes colours matter to me ALOT, it was really such an unbelievable and unforgivable mistake to make!! 🀦🏻‍♀️

I just couldn’t believe such a basic thing of separating clothes by their colours could be overlooked by Ahlao.


I rushed downstairs to buy a bottle of bleach, desperately trying to salvage my brand new white shorts. After soaking and hand washing, the stained lightened, but I guess my shorts are permanently ruined.


I was really unhappy and disappointed cos it wasn’t cheap but that wasn’t the point, cos I still felt like not sorting clothes is just.. I cannot comprehend.

I went into our room, closed the door, and just lay there feeling sad. But then I thought about it.


It is such an unforgivable mistake? Did I have to be so angry??? Sigh I really δΈ€ζ—Άζ°”ζ˜ but when I finally calmed down, I was able to look at things from another perspective.


So I should appreciate him trying to help. Thinking this way made me feel less angry tho still sad πŸ˜…

When Ahlao came into the room, he hugged me and said sorry and I sadly said “it’s okay” then we took a nap tgt lol 😌

In the evening before I had to leave the house for a wedding dinner. Sigh this ahgu always making it hard for me to head out. I just want to sayang and cuddle with him!!! 😩

Plus always feel bad when ahlao has to eat dinner by himself or when I can’t cook for him. Although it’s not my duty la lol but I like cooking for him.. πŸ˜”

Ahlao was really nice to offer to drive me but I rejected cos I felt bad for screaming at him so I decided to take grab and let him rest at home πŸ˜†

My bestest RV mates; the last row gang! I always laugh until leak pee when we’re tgt wtf. THEY ARE SO FUNNY!!!

Some beers later.. 🍺


It was just too good, reminiscing the good old days. We had too many funny stories during our 2 years in sec 3 and 4 HAHAHA I am so DED from laughing!!!

We stayed till 11 plus and were the last to leave. Sigh good times really ❀️❀️

Came home to a sleepy ahgu and Ahlao who was waiting up for me. He also walked ahgu while I was away :’) Xiexie ahlao πŸ™†πŸ»‍♀️

Another lazy Sunday morning 🐢❀️

He was all zonked out from the morning walkie! Didn’t even make it to his bed and fell asleep on the floor lolol πŸ˜…

Lunch was at Buffet Town with Ahlao’s fam and I todali pigged out on sashimi 🀀🀀

We spent like 3 hours there eating and talking and it was pretty nice! After lunch, we walked around the City Hall area!

And checked out exhibits at Esplanade 😊

After we went on separate ways, Ahlao and I walked around to find our bus stop since we didn’t drive that day.

And it felt like we were finally on a date, albeit a very very short one πŸ˜‚

Married life is very different - you see each other 7 days a week, but it’s never like the dating days. You really have to steal moments out of here and there, or make the effort to go on a date-date, with just the two of you.

Weekdays we are both very tired after work and we usually just cook, eat, walk ahgu, then clear more work, then sleep.

Weekends are mostly spent with family and that’s one day each side lol. We hardly get any time to ourselves.

I know this sounds very ridiculous when we are PHYSICALLY TGT ALL THE WAY, but I guess married couples will get what I mean. I think married with kids lagi more jialat lol πŸ˜…

Anyway! I was very thankful for that 20 minutes of walking to the bus stop even though I was melting in the heat. But it’s been a while since we held hands θ΅°θ΅° and stopped to take photos πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

This was us, waiting for our bus.

There was mirror on top (it is the designer want to spy cleavage) so we thought it’d make a cute photo haha.

Little things to be thankful for! πŸ’–

Day 8

Tuesday, 8 Jan 2019

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shirtong (avatar)

shirtong what's the best way to make a gaogao milo? yours look Super amazing!

1 month ago

bbbitbit (avatar)

bbbitbit Super craving for mentaiko now!

1 month ago

indignantsound (avatar)

indignantsound I just made mentaiko pasta the other day too! You can try making it using unsalted butter, mentaiko and lemon! About 50g of butter, 50g of mentaiko (~2sac), and a few drops of lemon juice! Can add abit of pasta water in too πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

1 month ago

indignantsound (avatar)

indignantsound oh and abit of soy sauce too!

1 month ago

xhuixenx (avatar)

xhuixenx Mix the mentaiko with Japanese mayo and it can serves as a dressing too! Pan fry salmon and topped with mentaiko mayo, add them onto your rice and your mentaiko salmon don is done! :) that’s my fav homemade mentaiko salmon don πŸ˜‹

1 month ago

Circusdream (avatar)

Circusdream Use Japanese white cream and add fresh mentaiko!

1 month ago

gln11 (avatar)

gln11 πŸ‘†πŸ»second @indignantsound. Garnish with thin strips of Jap seaweed πŸ˜‹

1 month ago

bootsandsneakers (avatar)

bootsandsneakers oh dear, I only found out last year that clothes must be separated by colours (and I'm a girl and I do laundry all the time). DK if I was just lucky hardly any of my clothes got stained but I really cannot be bothered to separate them out even after I learned cause must do laundry X2 and the lazy bones in me is real. (I only found out after my new, very nice and silky white bedsheets turned pink!!! but after many washes later (together with other coloured clothes lol damn fanjian) the bedsheets went back to white!)

1 month ago

pinkpluspinky (avatar)

pinkpluspinky lotsa butter and mentaiko buah on on bread and toast. can add cheese. super yummy!

1 month ago

pinkpluspinky (avatar)

pinkpluspinky next time soak in vanish instead of bleach πŸ‘

1 month ago

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