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CHEESE PÃOS 🤤 + #SungHouse updates!

Hello Dayre friends!

It has been a hectic few days back at work! Despite missing Bali very badly, I am also glad to be making keks again cos I missed my kitchen so much! 😆

During my time away, I received many messages asking for cheese pãos so I’m making them this weekend, both Saturday & Sunday! 🙌🏼

📷: Ahlao 🤩

So if you haven’t gotten your hands on these crusty, stretchy, chewy, cheesy little pãos, IT’S ABOUT TIME HELLO.

WhatsApp us at 97482420 to pre-order! 📲


I also know that many of you have been waiting for Bali updates on here; sorry if I haven’t gotten back to your DMs! I’ll try to dayre abt the trip by next week ok! So many photos to sort! 😅

In the meantime, y’all can stalk my #missgoobinbali hashtag on IG cos I geo tagged all the places we visited :)

Holy mama how I’ve missed this!!! 🤤🤤

Work was TIRING today! Damn maybe I slacked for too long hehe 🤭

Met the fam (minus Ling Ling who’s still honey-mooning in SA!) for dinner at Tiong Bahru Plaza & had Flaming Don!

But most of the dishes there were, duh, dons lol. I didn’t want rice so I ordered this grilled chicken set!

At $10.9, I thought it was quite worth it! The chicken damn thick and tender, and it came with broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, & an egg.

A bit oily though 😅

With stupiak 😁

Yup, the real reason why we are all here HAHAHA. For #KidDaddy’s soccer obsession ⚽️

Gonna welcome those sleepless nights soon when they start watching TV in the wee hours and scream all the way 🙄

Mebbe I can migrate to ahlao’s house 😆

讲到 house!!

Renovations for #SungHouse officially started yay!! Ahlao had to 亲自 hack our bedroom wall lolol 😂 That kick though.


Too bad I got to know him too late, if not I confirm attend all his Taekwondo championships and scream my head off at the bench when he accepts his gold medal HAHAHAHA 🤩 #fangirl

While we were in Bali, our ID sent us constant updates about the reno! Which was really awesome cos we were able to see the progress like tiling, plumbing, electrical works etc.

Aiyoyoooooo, 看了心痒痒!! 😆

It’s like so near yet so far now. And yes, we are getting a combination of bathroom A & B (subway tiles for walls, grey tiles for floor) cos ahlao doesn’t like the geometric tiles 😿

Hahaha but ok la, compromise is the key to a heppi marriage 🙆🏻‍♀️❤️

Can’t wait for Sunday cos we are heading down for a meeting with Chris and we will finally be able to see the current state of #SungHouse!! 😁😁


Ending this post with a blurry pic of gugubie but DOSE TEEF 😍

Day 131

Friday, 11 May 2018

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misa_sakiyurai (avatar)

misa_sakiyurai Hi, where is your shop located? I am thinking if I can drop by

8 months ago

saltnpepa (avatar)

saltnpepa Ahhh gooby’s teef and that tiny tail 😘

8 months ago

brenwho (avatar)

brenwho What toothpaste does gooby use? I need his pearlie whites 😍

8 months ago

missgoob (avatar)

missgoob @saltnpepa Yes everything is so cute gahhh 🤩😍

@brenwho it’s turkey flavoured next time I pass you some it’s yummy 🤣🤣

7 months ago

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