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Sugaring/Waxing Woes! + Chopped! πŸ’‡πŸ»‍♀️

Zomg it’s that time of the month and I AM SO TIRED.

Yesterday I practically lived on my bed cos it was so warm outside I would perspire like mad the moment I’m out. Like out I mean out in the living room lol.

Damn those monthly hot flushes 😠

I did step out of the house though, to get lunch. In my pyjamas and bed hair no less. Only possible with my current shampoo lol if it I better don’t ε‡ΊεŽ»ε“δΊΊ πŸ˜…

Of course I had lunch in bed πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️

Forgive me for I’ve sinned and gave in to the holy orange fish nugget zomfg it’s so childhood much!!!

It’s so hard to find at η»ζ΅Žη±³η²‰ stalls nowadays but the one at Redhill MRT has it!!

My lunch was $5.2 tho wtf. Cos I wanna choose my own ζ–™ and refused to get the $2.2 set that has the other fish fillet and a hotdog 🀷🏻‍♀️

This kind of pricing really makes no sense but oh well. I need to eat what I want (dat orange fish kek) if not I kent be heppi πŸ˜‚

Anw I’m new on Telegram & I accidentally deleted my chat log with Ahpei and I was so devastated!!

Then he cool cool all tell me that if he texts me it will all show up again. I was so eggcited but then ☝🏼☝🏼


Anw back to sugaring/waxing!

Thanks for sharing your experience with me guys :) How much do y’all spend per session? And did y’all do the dough kind or the melted sauce (like normal waxing) kind?

Cos I saw one is like they knead the thing into a dough and I was quite repulsed by the fact that whatever hairs I rip off goes back into that same dough and I reuse LOLOL 🀒🀒

I read up more and even tried to do DIY sugaring (the melted sauce one) the other day but zomg I failed so badly. 🀣🀣

So I was quite free at shop one fine day and I decided to try cooking my own sugar wax!

Ahpei was wimme and he was like “you’re going to put this on yourself?!!”

#themendontgetit πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

I wasn’t sure when to turn off the heat and it got burnt so quickly!! ☹️

From the videos I watched on YouTube, they cooked it till it was light brown. Like honey colour! And they cooled it in a jar and it remained really fluid and like after 20 minutes can use liao!

But wtf mine hardened in 5 minutes and became rock candy IM SO SED 😭😭

And it was so scalding hot la wtf. What did I do wrong? Or is it white white must off heat liao?

Anyone tried cooking your own sugar sauce please share how you do it? I really wanna try DIY waxing at home! 😩

Nya nya and Ahpei both think I’m ridiculous but I’m thankful he still let me try la hahaha. He’s just damn worried that I’ll burn myself for vanity lol.

Tbh I also super sked hot one la so I was really thankful when Ahpei helped me remove the whole chunk of hot sugar from my container..


Xiexieni ahlao 😒

For helping me even though you think I xiao stupiak and for telling me I can be a hairy orangutan and you’ll love me the same πŸ˜‚

New year new look! πŸ’‡πŸ»‍♀️

Dropped by the new Black Hair Salon at Capitol Piazza! It’s such a niceeee place!! 😍😍

Everything is interior goals!!

Told Jimmy I wanted to chop off a good amount of hair cos I wanna start Swimming diligently and short hair would be easier to maintain! Like to wash and dry.

Plus I can’t be dyeing my hair that often anymore cos the chlorine would wash everything off anw!

There goes, there goes!!

That’s a good few inches chopped! Xiao heart pain but oh well, hair can grow again and I’m so sick of long hair already!

Went to the toilet to take a shameless video lolol πŸ˜‚

They blew dry and styled my hair nicely that day! Legit looked nubbad lol.

But I just dry my hair without styling it la so I’m just.. aunty now πŸ˜…

Should I go perm the C curl thing at my hair ends? Haiya all the vanity decisions lolol. If you did the perm, share wimme if you liked it! πŸ€—

Went for Ling & Ahlec’s banquet food tasting after my appt that day and Mahoo last minute couldn’t make it so we asked Ahpei to come instead!

I highly expected him to not be able to make it but he rushed over 😭😭

We started at 7 but he reached at 8 plus. I was so eggcited while waiting for him lolol. Like 2 days ago get married already but still cannot rerac a bit πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ


So heppi to see ahlao β˜ΊοΈπŸ’“

He handed me a bag of saga seeds the other day! My shock level is just.....

How did I find someone like him. θ‡ͺε·±δΈ€δΈͺδΊΊ go and pick saga seeds, then give me all 😭😭

If someone one day come and tell me Ahpei is like some alien lol I might really believe πŸ™†πŸ»‍♀️

The house is ours!

Ok this one a bit backlog lol cos we went for our second and final HDB appt on the 4th of December πŸ˜‚

I still rmb it was during a busy period for Ahpei so we even went to a law firm to get the power of attorney so I could sign documents on his behalf.

It was a rainy day and I was feeling quite down and damn lonely cos I go HDB myself leh! For our house! ☹️☹️

I still rmb sitting down at Mr Bean alone cos I was very early (lol too eggcited) for the appt. I was texting Ahpei throughout the day thinking he was at work and suddenly he asked me where I was.

I said ‘Mr Bean’ and then the moment I looked up from my 豆ε₯Ά I saw him!!! I almost choked sia!! πŸ™€πŸ™€


Thank you for rushing over to be with me. Ahpei knew that I’d feel xiao sad for doing this alone and made it just in time to go in with me. Lol is it η”Ÿε­©ε­ 🀣

But I was really v touched and surprised la! I didn’t even think he might come at all cos we spent like $200+ to do the lawyer thing leh wtf. In the end do for nothing lol.

But really so so heppi to see Ahpei ☺️☺️☺️

Escalator moment πŸ’“

Thank you for going through this with me :’))

Felt so surreal sitting in front of the HDB officer, signing the papers, and shaking hands with the sellers πŸ˜‚



Just got back home from a great catchup session with @bunbunmakeuptips!

We had Simply Wrapps but destroyed our healthy eating plans when she brought me to try gelato from Aroma (Plaza Singapura)!

Dayummm this pistachio cone was out of the world. I didn’t want to ruin the experience by mixing two flavours so I got two servings of pistachio (cannot just get one scoop I dunno why zz) but now my throat hurts!!

It was actually already hurting since yesterday but I think this got a bit jelat and too sweet towards the end so it’s even more sore now boohoo πŸ˜”

Really great pistachio flavour though! Maybe y’all can share πŸ˜…

Currently don’t have strength to lift myself off the sofa so I’m drafting my Phuket trip (finally!!) post! The trip took place last March lol I know I’m so slow I’m sorry 🀦🏻‍♀️

Omgah going through the photos and I’m terribly missing beach times with this one 😩😩

I need the sea so much rn 😩😩😩

Day 9

Tuesday, 9 Jan 2018

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silenturmoil (avatar)

silenturmoil Sugaring is about $60 per session. Sugaring > Waxing but IPL is the best lehhhh I did sugaring for 6 months but no visible results (hair still grow back same) but IPL I get visibly less hair (imagine bald spot) after 1 session!

9 months ago

brenwho (avatar)

brenwho Hello sugaring can DIY one!!!! I nv try before but like fun lol

9 months ago

limyubao (avatar)

limyubao Ur hair looks great!

9 months ago

happilyeverafter (avatar)

happilyeverafter Wah seh i made cotton candy and the melted sugar piak onto my arms already pain die, u want to smear that on ur “down there”?? Go professional la don’t risk it pls

9 months ago

ferreroroche (avatar)

ferreroroche I only do waxing never try sugaring. I have the machine at home lol. Quite easy actually. 20 Sec melts and can spread Liao. And the heat is just nice.

9 months ago

chocodoveelves (avatar)

chocodoveelves power of attorney is good! Done early also good. so if next time anything happened to him no need scared that no one can make decisions on his behalf.

9 months ago

eileen (avatar)

eileen Your husband really super super sweet to you! The both of you are so lucky to have each other. Everytime I read about how he surprises you, my heart like gonna melt.

9 months ago

rbunny (avatar)

rbunny The sugar sauce medium heat, and when light golden turn off immediately

9 months ago

rbunny (avatar)

rbunny Keep stirring and stirring and then let it cool for about an hour!! Till it’s malleable. You can use it as hard wax, or soft wax to apply on wax strips, sometimes I just use bandages. It works pretty well once you get the hang of it.

9 months ago

elainedesmond (avatar)

elainedesmond Yes you should do C curl, you don’t have to style or blow your hair and it will look good! :)

9 months ago

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