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updated 10 months ago

Life is sed without dayre 😩

Hi guys, ζˆ‘ε―δ»₯ε›žζ₯吗?

I feel bad for saying ‘this is my last post’ but then I’m always itching to come back.

But I really damn sked one day it will just close and I don’t have time to backup or export and I really hate the false hope feeling 😩

But then, my life sucks rn cos I have so much in my life I want to record down.. like my ex-helper coming back & Ling’s wedding & home reno struggles - I am so stressed lol I tell you. The differences are kicking in sigh haha 🀷🏻‍♀️

I need an outlet.. 😭

Day 61

Friday, 2 Mar 2018

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ahhbad (avatar)

ahhbad yes please!

10 months ago

jassyjas (avatar)

jassyjas of cos! and pls do.

10 months ago

Tinylittletown (avatar)

Tinylittletown please come back!!! silent reader all this while but really miss reading all the posts 😒

10 months ago

winterpolaroids (avatar)

winterpolaroids YES PLS!!

10 months ago

thegreatperhaps (avatar)

thegreatperhaps Pls come backkkk )’: Miss reading your posts!

10 months ago

my365daysproject (avatar)

my365daysproject Welcome back!!

10 months ago

nataliecwx (avatar)

nataliecwx Come back!!! Dayre might not be closing down alr! Go read @/sgbudgetbabe dayre

10 months ago

MamaGX (avatar)

MamaGX πŸ’– yes, do come back! I don’t think they would suddenly close without warning...

10 months ago

sweetthingsourtaste (avatar)

sweetthingsourtaste ε›žδΎ†pls

10 months ago

lauche (avatar)

lauche Pls come back !!! I always refresh and hope u would post haha

10 months ago

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