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Flipping through old magazines from 2015 while accompanying Nya Nya at the clinic.

For some weird reasons, this clinic does not have English magazines so I’m forced to refresh my Chinese flipping through some of these ‘long time no see’ characters.

But this chunk caught my attention. That last line is so true. I don’t really identify with the 送花 and 烛光 parts but I todali can relate to the last part.

Here’s my best attempt at translating it:

“To me, the most romantic words are not I LOVE YOU, but I WILL BE WITH YOU.”

So so true.

Frivolous and superficial things aside, nothing beats having the COMPANY of the one you love.

My baobei gives the best hugs 😌

Day 110

Friday, 20 Apr 2018

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sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe omg you need to watch Go Back Couple cos it basically talks about that!! a companion

8 months ago

auntybunny (avatar)

auntybunny omg. took me awhile to realise it was your pupper in the picture. 😂 I mean after that paragragh I thought it was a pic of you hugging your hubs hahaha.

8 months ago

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