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My rice story 🍚

Growing up, I always had the privilege of having my meals served to me on the dining table by our helpers. ⁣
As a child, I rmb walking out of the school gate & the first thing I’d ask boss was:

Nainai what you cook
for lunch today?

If it were nuggets I’d be so happy 😁⁣

Even Nya Nya always asks us every morning, “δ»Šζ™šζƒ³εƒδ»€δΉˆ?”

It was indeed a privilege to even be able to choose what we want to eat every single day.

Home is not a restaurant,
but now I understand why
Nya Nya always asked.⁣

Because we want to cook for our family and make them happy.⁣
Now as a wife, every day I fret over what to cook for Ahlao, hoping to give him a wonderful home cooked dinner experience, even though I’m not a culinary expert πŸ˜…β£

Because I grew up with a helper around, I didn’t have the chance to do much housework or cook at home; I only started cooking during my late twenties, when I made the lifestyle change to eat clean and lose weight.⁣

Yesterday I cooked rice with the rice cooker for the first time in my life. I’m 29 and not proud of this milestone.

But I did it! Rice become rice, and I was really thankful for that 😌⁣

Cooking for your loved ones - it is a blessing. And I’ll always cherish that.

Looking forward to more kitchen adventures in #SungHouse as I hone my culinary skills so that next time Ahlao can tell our children, “your mummy is a great cook”, just like how baba always tells us.⁣

It was also my first time attempting the mince pork long bean stir fry 😁

It was one of my favourite dishes from boss and I rmb it being so black and oily and bagus 🀀

Had to fry these at high heat first and oil splattered everywhere! Bless my brave soul lolol.

I used 1 tbsp dark sauce, 1 tbsp cooking wine, 1 tsp sugar to cook my minced pork. Added garlic and onions too!

Taste was bagus but wasn’t as black as I’d like!

Mebbe I gotta char my beans more next time, for the wok hei! πŸ”₯

Nubbad for my first attempt at doing a proper Asian stir fry with oil and wine hahaha.

Grilled teriyaki Saba fish from RedMart was a lifesaver for easy meals; just peng in oven for 15 minutes hehe.

The meat was so tender!

Sed boi no eat so sed boi sulk πŸ˜…

These days we spend our nights on the sofa, watching a movie every other day hehe. It’s so nice to unwind with ahlao & ahgu after a long day!

And sometimes ahlao is a bit zbj. He’ll demand that I put one hand on him when I carry ahgu on my lap cos must be fair and 抱抱 both of them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We felt really peckish halfway through the movie so I baked us some chewy choc chip cookies! πŸͺ

Served with a glass of cold unsweetened soy milk. It was legit bliss.

The cookies were warm and chewy.. so glad we have a stash of frozen cookie dough in our freezer la 😭

They were so crispy around the edges yet so soft in the core 🀀🀀

That melty, piping hot chocolate chip..... 🀩

Received quite a number of enquiries abt the cookies after the IG stories last night so I’ve decided to make some for this week’s bakesale! πŸ‘…

This happened during our trial bake hahaha. I drew faces on my eggs lolol so extra πŸ˜‚

And as you can see, we used so much choc chips!!


I wasn’t satisfied after the first bowl so we throw in another bowl of chips. Go big or go home right wtf.


Of course I stole a bite.

What do you mean raw eggs in cookie dough.

I. Do. Not. Care. 🀣

Can you hear that crisp!!!!!!!!

I be DED. Soft cookie cores are todali my weakness. These are scrumptious and sinful. It is not a low calorie snack lol. It’s an indulgence.

If you want something with no calories, here’s a picture:

Don’t say don’t have. πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ

Matcha tiramisu available this week too!! 🍡

When we launched the baileys version, so many of you asked for a non-alcoholic version so HERE COMES MATCHA.

Mebbe we can make more flavours like tea-based or chocolate ones next time? πŸ˜›

But for now, all attention on matcha my love 🀀

Dis me digging into a jar ytd teeheehee 😁

So in a nutshell πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Cheese pãos (they’re everyone’s favourite!!), chewy choc chip cookies, matcha and baileys tiramisu jars will be available from Friday to Sunday!

Collection point is 3 Everton Park 01-77, please whatsapp me at 97482420 to place a pre-order ok!

Please avoid texting me on Saturday itself to arrange walk-in purchases cos I’ll be in the skies on my way to Taiwan for sagaseedwedding part two πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Won’t be able to read texts so pls pls pls pre-order early! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Omgah was about to cook a potato for lunch when I realised the whole bag was sprouting! We leave for Taiwan in a few days gg lol πŸ˜…

Did a quick Google and realised the best way to prolong their shelf life is to blanch then freeze them. Which was what I did lol.

Pls be well my potato babies 😩😩

Added them into boiling water and blanched for 3 minutes!

Then I shocked them in iced water for 5 minutes!

Then drain till they are room temp before freezing in a container. See you in two weeks, babies πŸ˜‚

While they were draining, me is made lunch!

Tossed some broccoli, cherry tomato, potato, capsicum, mushroom, garlic in pesto, seasoned with salt and pepper!

Go easy on the salt since pesto is kinda salty alr :)

Transferred everything into my little casserole and cheated by adding some popcorn chicken πŸ˜‚

I think I’m really more of an ‘angmoh’ dish kinda person. But I’m damn determined to master more Asian dishes for my Asian ahlao πŸ˜… Me shall jiayou!

Threw in some shredded cheddar after this came outta the oven! Cos I wanted my cheese to be soft instead of crispy lol.

This baked for 15 minutes at 180C btw! The potato be like CRUNCHEHHH. 🀀

I love love love my Bosch oven so much I kent. I use it almost everyday!

I put the laundry in our washer before blanching potatoes and by the time I was done eating, just nice can hang clothes.

Is it now upgrade to domestic goddess pro 😁

Not saying this cos we got sponsored Bosch products (we very fortunately did, thank you Bosch!! 😭😭) but our washer is a game changer. It’s from the ecosilence range and that dude doesn’t even make a sound!!

If y’all watched my IG stories, you’d alr know that the washer legit makes very very veryyyyy minimal noise.

It doesn’t gyrate and vibrate like a crazy Duracell bunny while making zum zum zum sounds lolol πŸ˜†

We’ve used those kinda washers at home many years back and it legit sounds like the clothes gonna tumble outta the machine in an explosion cos the whole thing is shaking so hard!! 😝

And since I’m on domestic goddess mode today, I also decided to vacuum the house!

Dis my handy helper, the Bosch cordless handstick. I use it allll the time.

This was accumulated from the whole house using the turbo mode hahaha. We open our windows to air the house almost the entire day so a lot of dust comes in lolol.

This vacuum is my saviour. I also alternate between the Xiaomi robot when I’m busier or lazier πŸ˜…

#sunghouse #dayrehomes

Ok now done with house updates, me is have a big news for y’all.


Cut my hair.


So recently the weather has been very very ANNOYING CAPITAL LETTERS BOLD AND UNDERLINE ANNOYING, and my long hair is just pissing me off so badly.

I actually prefer myself with long hair don’t get me wrong - who don’t want to be feminine right haha BUT THEN HOR, the weather and humidity made my love crash until -300 so ya.


Yes I can tie my hair up but zomg when I bun my hair, it gives me such a headache especially when certain strands get pulled at damn tightly. I don’t know how to say.

ζ€»δΉ‹, IM DONE.

While walking to the bus stop ytd morning, my hair was sticking to my neck cos of all the perspiration and I was like fak this enough is enough so I called BHS and asked if there were any available slots for the day.


Laoniang legit η›΄ζŽ₯ commit.

Long story short lol.

Everyone was like “ε“Žε‘€εˆšη»“ε©šε°±ε‰ͺε•Š!!” or like “η•™εˆ°ι…±θΎ›θ‹¦δΈΊδ»€δΉˆθ¦ε‰ͺζŽ‰!!” lolol.

Anthony said I was the fourth bride this month who is chopping it all off post-wedding πŸ˜…

But me no feel zero heart pain.

Long story short lol.

Everyone was like “ε“Žε‘€εˆšη»“ε©šε°±ε‰ͺε•Š!!” or like “η•™εˆ°ι…±θΎ›θ‹¦δΈΊδ»€δΉˆθ¦ε‰ͺζŽ‰!!” lolol.

Anthony said I was the fourth bride this month who is chopping it all off post-wedding πŸ˜…

But me no feel zero heart pain.

Long story short again.

He trimmed my hair but by bit and kept asking if I wanted to go shorter and I was like YAS PLS JUST CUT IT SHORT 🀣

My head feels so light and I feel so gud now!! But it does need a bit of getting used to since I had long hair for so long!!

I’ve never gone this short before sia zomg. But I really love it. I legit dry my hair completely in like 5 minutes! Shiok or what la 😭😭

Bez ahlao ever kiki 😁

Actually I was a bit sked about his reaction cos I didn’t tell him I was getting a haircut haha. Not like I needed to la but ya πŸ˜†

Heading out in a bit to meet my fam! Really sweet when clients invite alllll of us for food tasting sessions :’))

Anw ya, final rave lol πŸ˜…

I really love how my hair feels bouncier and softer now that it’s shorter?? I didn’t even bother with a treatment ytd cos the 5-step treatment I did before my wedding is lasting till now! So smooth I DED.

Anw I really love love love the length Anthony decided for me cos it’s like short but ends under my chin & doesn’t makes my face look like it expanded horizontally hahaha.

Dunno how to describe but that’s what a bob-gone-wrong does to big faced girls like me lol.

Quote ‘missgoob’ for 10% off a services at #BlackHairSalon! 🀩

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cherylthefrumpster What’s the prices?

4 months ago

themerrymaker (avatar)

themerrymaker first time cook alr look so good ah! Wah this wife very spoil market lol. dont let my husband read this! But I totally understand the pre-meal fretting. meal planning is so much mental work!!

4 months ago

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cheryyyyllll Love your short hair!! πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️

4 months ago

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rachel_0288 U look good in this hair length!

4 months ago

onetwothreeone (avatar)

onetwothreeone : didnt know ahpei is a Taiwanese!

4 months ago

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