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My new friend 😁

So I give one present too 😁

And got another in return 🤤

Ahlao said 送我一朵芒果花 hahaha.
Life is gud now ❤️

Guys, ahlao & I want to get a camera to shoot some travel videos (must be able to shoot underwater) when we’re in Bali, should we invest in a Go Pro?

If yes, which model? I tech noob 😬

If no, what alternatives should we consider? My Nikon 120 dieded in karon beach after being in the water like TWICE. It was $429 wtf 😭

And another thing is, we need it before May so where’s the best place to buy/order? 😅 Any additional accessories we should get too?


Ok rewinding time to finish my post since ahlao left me in bed to go for his dental appointment 😆

That morning, we found one mmc on Ahlao’s orange plant again!! 🐛

Fed him lots of leaves and he’s grown so much bigger in just two days! 😁

Lunch was at Kampung Admiralty!

Ahlao’s fam is a huge fan of Chinese fud and fish especially!! This fish was mega big.

MIL ordered dim sum too & she got one 纸包鸡 for me cos I can’t eat too much fish.. and she forbade everyone else from eating it cos it’s only for me lolol. She really 很疼我 😆

Spent the afternoon napping with ahlao (gah it’s so nice to hug each other to sleep though most of the time I am gasping to breathe 😂😂) before we left for my place in the evening!

It was lovely that I didn’t have to work. It was worth it because I get to spend time with people important to me 🙆🏻‍♀️

Brought gugubie out for a walk together 😊

I love these two so much ❤️❤️

Yes Gooby is people to me!!

I felt so thankful and peaceful and heppi to have ahlao by my side.. it’s like a very simple joy yet it’s hard to describe this feeling but it’s like..


Gugubie was so heppi that day!! 😃

Dinner was at Grand Copthorne Waterfront cos the folks have some 1-for-1 vouchers for the dinner buffet!!

It was priced at $96++ per pax but the fud was really gud so very worth it since we paid like half! 🤩

We seldom indulge like that but that night, it was to celebrate BBIL’s birthday in advance so yep, @icetallmilk is a lucky bij.

Teriyaki chicken that I was too full to even try!! 😣

Thai food section with green curry chicken, pineapple fried rice, crab tanghoon and the likes.

Cold dishes like potato salad, pasta salad etc!

Tempura section with purple sweet potato (this was sooooo gud 🍠), ebi, eggplant & the mini fish fill with eggs. All bagus 🤤

Hands down my favourite section at buffets lolol. 🍣

King crabs!! The flesh fell out so easily once you cut the legs open. Damn this was gud.

Ahlao busy whacking oysters first things first lolol. His ultimate favourite. He had like three plates lor it’s insane!!!

There were also other fud that I got lazy to snap pics of, like laksa, satay (the ketupat bagus and the onions damn juicy and sweet!!), otah, assorted breads & butters, salads, soups, mussels, wedges, roast beef, pork collar, tandoori chicken, papadum, more Indian fud, sushi, roast chicken, prawns (damn fresh), whole range of desserts like cupcakes, trifles, fondue, cookies, ice cream..... 根本 try 不完 🙀🙀

As you can see our table was really full max hahaha. But there was no wastage. We ate it all, and went for more 🤣🤣

Also purposely sang Ahlec a birthday song in public cos he much paiseh and very shai.

Baba even got us a bottle of wine but me is drink water 🤗

When I half DED and ahlao looks like he just started 😂😂 But I tried the laksa broth and it was nubbad!! They served it really hot 👍🏼

Baba mama 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️

Mahoo & hen hen 😊

The Chings who are going on their South African honeymoon very soon! 🦁
@icetallmilk @missanpan

And my baobei who’s still holding on to an oyster 😂😂😂

It was a perfect evening of banter and laughter with all these people ❤️

Everyone surrendered but ahlao be like.. more froots & oysters 🤦🏻‍♀️

Btw he todali came up with the ‘ly in love with you’ part himself hahaha. He really ‘completes me’ 😂

I love you so much kiki 😁

Dinner didn’t end too late and we even got home in time to catch the Top 10 segment of Star Awards hahaha.

Sorry but Belinda Lee needs to chill lol. The hosts alr hint hint that she’s very kuazhang and she was still oblivious and in her own world lolol. And goes on to be mega kz anw 🤦🏻‍♀️

Everyone of us teared when Jin Yin Ji won an award (awww!!) and then straight away got annoyed when Belinda Lee squeaked and hugged her by force wtf go away bij stop trying to steal the show!!

Handled our food coma by lying in bed LULLL while discussing our home interior & finalising some details!

Unfortch, ahlao ain’t keen on the geometric tiles lolol. So we are getting grey plain tiles instead. I was a bit disappointed, but heppi ahlao heppi me 😅😁

家和万事兴! Give and take la hor 💓

Carried gugubie up to lay with us and ahlao was all gaoweh 😂

#ThisGooby just wants to make his presence known hahaha 😆

Tucked him into bed before we left cos I was staying over at ahlao’s place that night. He’s so cuteeeee. He just lay there and look at us like “y’all leaving??” 😟

Day 112

Sunday, 22 Apr 2018

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thegreatperhaps (avatar)

thegreatperhaps So glad that your ahlao is back!!! 😊 So sweet de!

8 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe you can rent a GoPro instead if you want! save money haha

8 months ago

brenwho (avatar)

brenwho @rentsomethingleh on ig

8 months ago

summersweets (avatar)

summersweets Sony actioncam~ can just buy at airport before departing hahah

8 months ago

leniceyeo (avatar)

leniceyeo A gopro5 is worth the investment because the quality is simply 10/10!! you can even take pictures of the starry night laeh! but for underwater, I'd advise you to get the underwater casing in case the door fails on you and water enters the battery compartment

8 months ago

amelia (avatar)

amelia Gopro is quite good! I'm using a gopro hero 5 now.. Gopro hero 6 is already out. I got mine from outdoor sports travel from qoo10 cos that time voucher gave 100 sgd discount!! Otherwise u can get from challenger!

8 months ago

themerrymaker (avatar)

themerrymaker wah your 芒果花 is making me salivate 😍

8 months ago

keithyl (avatar)

keithyl Get from challenger as the gopros are on discount - 440 sgd now (from 640) for hero5 black. Hero 6 black is the latest but the 5 is good enough.

8 months ago

darebe (avatar)

darebe hi is the buffet called the food capital?

8 months ago

thegirlwhogrowls (avatar)

thegirlwhogrowls my brother uses his galaxy S7 to video underwater all the time leh it never spoiled hahahah but i dare not try humji

8 months ago

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