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This time we are making a whopping 9 FLAVOURS 🀩🀀

Also, we are adding one sesh on FRIDAY for y’all office people yay!

So go consolidate your orders with your colleagues/kakis/schoolmates/family and drop us a whatsapp text at 97482420 to place your pre-orders! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ


Omg ok I finally have time to dayre & imma clear all the backlogs! Please be prepared for a very long-winded post πŸ˜…

Choosing my gowns for PWS

Ahlao finally had time to make a trip to Wedding Crafters wimme & I was so heppi! Btw this took place like in March when they had a new collection hehe. #dayrebrides

Picked out 6 gowns to try this time!

The first one was gorg at the back (gah I love these low back ones but sadly they don’t provide much support for my cow bits!); the mesh/illusion lace thing is my fav 🀩

I also love how the hem flowed very nicely!!

But the bodice wasn’t very supportive as you can see..

So I look a bit soft soft nua nua at the boobs and belly parts if you get what I mean hahaha πŸ˜… Not sure how to describe lolol.

The second one had a more structured bodice (the cups felt stiffer) and it was great; don’t have the nua feeling even though I wasn’t wearing a bra underneath!

This was from the new collection, which was nature themed, and I was just so so so in love with the lace that resembled vinesss 😍😍

And although it was very low cut, it didn’t look too obscene cos of that strategic placement of the vine lace HAHAHAHA πŸ˜†

The back was even more gorg I krai 😭😭😭 Please ignore the horrible tan lines.

As you can see we also couldn’t zip up the dress fully cos it was a UK10 lol. And me is giant so yep. But I still love this so muchhhh.

We were there to pick PWS gowns (for the collaboration styled shoot) but I left the place wanting this piece for my AD so much!!!

Holy shizz I am so in love.

It was perfect for my imperfect body, hid my flaws, doesn’t make me look phat & nua, unexpectedly made my back look nice even??? 🀯

Now I know why people say you WILL feel it when you put on THE ONE. I always thought it was kuazhang bride bs but holy shizz I really felt like this dress was THE ONE when I tried it.

When I swipe ahlao on tinder also don’t have this feeling sia πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The third dress was a different cutting, more body hugging and IT WAS TIGHT AF.

I couldn’t breathe lol.

I need to be comfortable on my shoot/wedding day so this was an immediate nope for me 😬

It hugged all my curves and made me look super feminine but really kent breathe la 😭

So nice tho the details :((

Fourth piece was slight beige & very floral! I loved the hem a lot too!!

It was a tube dress but Cheryl added the detachable sash to make it an off shoulder for me!

I don’t really like corset backs (cos I find it a bit obiang) but it really worked in providing support! Like can pull until very tight and it feels very shiok. A bit cannot breathe tho πŸ˜…

But it gave me a nice waist lol sigh. And the skirt is everything?? 😭 So soft and flowy!!

I think this kind of dress makes me look better cos imagine me in a ball gown ping pong dress. I might as well go be a puffer fish πŸ˜†

And the florals so preets 😍😍


Navy is really my colour cos I am more fair than tanned (not the case now after Bali boohoo) so it flatters my skin tone a lot!

I forgot to take more pics of this dress but the back was also corset style. The layers are made up of a mix of tulle, and a sequin layer so it looks super glittery I kent. I love it so much!!

A bit too deep the V but zomg the colour is everything 😭😭 And this would be perf with ahlao’s white uniform!!

The last one!

I tried this on my first visit to WC with Mahoo and this was my favourite back then. But unfortunately it’s not available for my shoot date anymore :(

But not a bad thing cos on second thoughts, it does look a bit too puffy at the bottom haha.

A lot of tulle!! Might look better on someone slimmer πŸ˜…

So yep that’s all for this fitting! My fav is still the second one zomg. I couldn’t stop thinking about it!!

After this fitting, I want to The Gown Warehouse one day after seeing some gud reviews online.

Since we haven’t signed up for any bridal package (WC is only sponsoring gowns for the PWS), I thought it’d check out their gowns for my AD :)


Holy fug as much as I feel ok in my body, I felt like such a loser sia!! They only carry very small sizes legit. The zip like cannot even reach half kind. But their dresses are SO PRETTY.

But wow such a traumatising experience. Plus I was alone cos ahlao was overseas for a work trip. Wah I felt so sad that day yunno. It’s like me going to Platinum Mall and I keep on kena “no saiiii, this one no saiiii!”

I was so depressed and felt so rejected (by the dresses lol) & texted ahlao about it. He was really sweet as usual, telling me he thinks I’m todali ε₯³η₯ž blah blah (he damn kz lol) & he told me to just go for the Wedding Crafters’ gowns..

HE JUST KNOWS I had my mind set on the vines piece and nothing I try on will ever replace my love for that dress πŸ˜…

And so, we signed up for the WC package for our AD 😬 Their prices are not exactly cheap (cos they partner with Androids in Boots for photography and I love AIB so much too!) but you get what you pay for really.

Good photography plus the dresses I kent. Designs legit nice and I really cannot find similar ones elsewhere. Talking abt off the rack and not the bespoke ones la of course. Bespoke you want space suit wedding dress also can. Pay only what πŸ˜‚

What made me really keen on the AD package with WC is also the fact that they BRING IN a new piece of the dress IN YOUR SIZE for you! If it’s not already available on their racks.

Meaning they have like the same dress is multiple sizes and they do minor alterations to the dress that’s nearest to your size. So it fits to a T.

Not like what other bridal companies do - only got UK8 gown then if you UK4 then tuck in some fabric then if you UK10 they pull out some fabric wtf.

If it’s not your size, wear alr also look damn weird la. Because it won’t look proportionate. Nothing will be better than wearing something meant for your body. So I really appreciate this from WC!

Anw not paid to share this ah, it’s just something I find very useful and such a huge bonus for bigger brides like myself 😌 We paid the full price for the AD package. I would say WC’s rates are above average but more affordable than bespoke, but worth the money :)

Family weekend πŸ˜ƒ

It was bake sale day and this beggar just come in to lie on my shop floor liddis go away la @icetallmilk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The sisters & folks were all at shop to accompany me, which made me feel so loved ❀️

Talking about love, this is how Ahlec loves my sister lolol. Theirs is tough love πŸ˜†


Went to visit yeye after work! Bought his favourite duck porridge and he was so heppi to see all of us :))

Priceless smile 😁

He doesn’t really eat much now but that day he ate everything on the table! Is it sibeh love duck πŸ˜‚

Ok la mostly bones but still. Yeye really loves eating these bony bits to suck the gravy eat the skin. Not my thing but he heppi can liao πŸ€—

On the way out we had to return these passes for our ICs and Ahlec go piak the sticker labels on our foreheads πŸ˜’

Had crab bee hoon for dinner after we left yeye’s place! This was at Sunshine Place in CCK!

Our conversations be like.. never serious 🀣🀣

Waited really long that day cos it was so packed with families haha. But when the fud came, I tell you, I DED.

We orders a tofu with minced meat & 2 crabs, one soup one with tanghoon.

I hands down love the soup one. It was so gud. And cos the crab so huge, they gave another bowl of soup separately hahaha.

The size of that thing..

And the flesh comes off so easily! Is maximum freshness I DED. I’m not even very into crabs but this was legit gud.

Succulent like my 倧腿 🀀🀀


TROLLOLLOL @missanpan kent stahp πŸ˜‚

Our bill came up to $130+ but we left with very full and heppi bellies. And I find it not that expensive too cos the crabs were so huge?!

Oh but one thing to note. The tanghoon version wasn’t very gud (in my opinion) cos it came with gravy. It was like a lormee and the tanghoon got very soggy. Stir fry version would’ve been bagus 🀀

Gooby πŸΆπŸ’•

Just wanna spam some pics of him looking all cute haha. Here’s one of my pig sleeping 🐽

More like rat sorry. He just got groomed πŸ˜‚

Burying his head in my neck as always ❀️

He’s all furry now! 😍

I kent deal with this cuteness 😡

I’m trying to get both gugubie and ahlao feel comfortable with each other cos next time we are all gonna live tgt πŸ˜…

Gooby is on with laying on ahlao now and tho ahlao still gaoweh, they get along well! :)

Ahlao was stiff af sitting there like a log lolol. He’s not very affectionate with animals but he always gives gugubie great head and neck massages πŸ€—

Like shiok only......

Dose teef!!!!! 😍😍😍

Aww at ahgu gaze at ahlao adoringly hahaha 😌 What a cute little smile!!! My behbi so cute I kent.

And this one of him concussed on the sofa is too precious too πŸ™†πŸ»‍♀️

Sleepyhead ❀️❀️

Smoothie recipe!

These days when I’m feeling guilty from over eating the day before, I have a smoothie for breakfast. I always stock my favourite unsweetened soy milk from Nutrisoy in my shop fridge cos I need to have it anytime I crave for it πŸ˜†

And cos of work, we always have leftover berries and it’s such a waste to dump them (they turn bad within a week in the fridge!!) so I’ve learnt to freeze the leftovers at the end of every week and use them to make my breakfast smoothies! πŸ“

Like fruity ice cubes 🀀

I usually use 6-8 strawberries, a handful of blueberries, half a banana (for some natural sweetness), and a cup of soy milk.

It’s the best thing ever and it keeps me really full until lunch time! The colour is gorgeous too πŸ’•

Poly mates πŸ™†πŸ»‍♀️

Had a gathering with my poly mates some time back and it was such a fun time! This time we went to jessybessy’s crib. They have 3 cats!! 🐱🐱🐱

Geneviu also brought baby Rachel along and she was obviously under very horrible influence from Uncle Adler πŸ˜‚

The whole group!

Geneviu had to bring Rachel home early but the rest of us stayed back and talked until 2am wtf it was madness.

Put men tgt and all they talk about is THEIR NS DAYS. Hello that was ten years ago πŸ˜… But very entertaining la hehe. It felt nice talking and laughing with a group of gud friends like that :)

Ok this post is getting too long; will continue in the next one! πŸ˜†

Day 136

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

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cherily (avatar)

cherily You look so gorgeous, especially in the vines gown! 😍 hopefully you’ll pick THE ONE soon hehehe

8 months ago

Iloveeilly (avatar)

Iloveeilly THE NAVY 😍😍😍

8 months ago

pennypockets (avatar)

pennypockets Pls said u picked the navy gown!!! You look absolutely stunning in it!

8 months ago

binniepooh (avatar)

binniepooh both the vines and the navy gowns look so good on you 😍

8 months ago

poopiemookie (avatar)

poopiemookie the navy gown DAMN GORGEOUS. can tell you feel really good in it too!

8 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe babe you wanna try my wedding dress vendor? their sizes are fantastic and designed by a local designer, super affordable too I promise! it's The Warehouse Bridal if you're keen, look for Samantha and tell her you're Budget Babe's friend!!

8 months ago

kojikoche (avatar)

kojikoche omg you look like a Disney princess in the navy gown!!

8 months ago

kojikoche (avatar)

kojikoche and I love the Vines one on u also!! U look stunning hehe

8 months ago

nightskies (avatar)

nightskies Hope you said Yes to the navy one!!! It’s perfect on you ok

8 months ago

withloveqi (avatar)

withloveqi 美美!!!! Am also gonna make an appt with WC to look at gowns!

8 months ago

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