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Where to draw the line?


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Helpful man and gud wife have been married for many years, and they have 2 children.

Helpful man works as a driver; he delivers parcels to people at their homes. One day, he sends a parcel to a house, but accidentally cuts his arm with a metal rod while walking along a cramped corridor.

The recipient of the parcel is mute girl, and as helpful man hands her the parcel, she sees his arm wound. She stops him from leaving and disappears into the house, returning moments later, with a band aid in her hand.

Helpful man sees what she’s trying to do and tells her it’s okay, since it’s a minor wound, but she insists and helps him stick the band aid on his wound.

At this point of time, me is think, like that won’t kena tetanus meh? The metal rusty how wor? She didn’t even wash or at least wipe his bloody wound lol.

So anyways, helpful man gratefully thanks her for the plaster and leaves.

That night, before bed, helpful man receives a phone call from his shitty friend. It was a plea for help, as shitty friend was stuck at the nightclub, drunk, with no money to pay for his drinks.

At first, helpful man refuses to go over, claiming it was none of his business. But he eventually relents and tells gud wife that shitty friend is in trouble, tells her to sleep without him, and leaves in a hurry.

From here we know that helpful man is mouth very hard, but heart very soft kind.

When helpful man arrives at the nightclub, he realises that shitty friend lied to him the whole time, because he wasn’t even drunk, but only called for help as a forfeit from his lost bet with sexy bar girls.

Helpful man is upset, and chides shitty friend for abusing his trust and spending so much money at such places when he is not doing well (financially) to begin with.

Me is hate such people too.

Shitty friend laughs it off and tells helpful man to chill, since he’s already at the nightclub. He continues his drinking game with sexy bar girls, and assures helpful man that someone nice will be here to serve him soon.

Before helpful man could nag at him further, another sexy bar girl comes into the private KTV room & puts down a tray of snacks & alcohol for helpful man.

They exchange eye contact and helpful man realises that she is mute girl. He is surprised.

She recognises him too, and sits down beside him. While she isn’t as flirty as the other sexy bar girls, she still does her job and quietly serves helpful man. Uncomfortable at the situation, helpful man shifts in his seat.

Me is start to worry for helpful man. And me suddenly think of gud wife, all alone at home, worried about her husband.. 😟

Mute girl asks for helpful man’s phone and he hands it to her. She punches in her phone number and gives herself a missed call. She then sends helpful man a text:

“You don’t look like the type who comes to a nightclub.”

He reads it and replies:

“You don’t look like the type who works at a nightclub either.”

She sighs, and replies:

“Forced by circumstances.”

He reads it and nods, but doesn’t reply.

Suddenly, shitty friend jumps up in excitement from winning the drinking game with sexy bar girls and accidentally bumps into helpful man, causing him to lose balance and lunge forward.

He, in turn, bumps into mute girl and they almost kiss, just missing by a bit. They both feel embarrassed.

Shocked at their bodies touching, helpful man apologises profusely and explains that shitty friend was the one who pushed him and that he didn’t touch her on purpose.

Mute girl assures him that she is aware, gets up to leave with the tray. Still feeling bad, helpful man opens his wallet, wanting to give her a tip, probably out of pity as well.

We see that he has only 2 notes in his wallet, one $50 note and one $5 note. He hesitates, but picks the $50 note and hands it to mute girl, who thankfully accepts with a nod/slight bow. She leaves the room.

It is very very late and shitty friend is finally done with his drinks and games. He is very drunk so helpful man has to help him walk out of the night club and bring him to the taxi stand. He does so very unwillingly and tells shitty friend that he totally regrets coming to his rescue lol.

He puts shitty friend into a cab and hands the driver $20, and tells him that it should be more than enough to get him home. Driver leaves with shitty friend.

My boliao thoughts: I thought you only have $5 left?

So anyways, since helpful man didn’t drive (so you go there also expecting to drink in the first place la zbj???), he stood there waiting for the next cab. At this miraculous moment, mute girl appears behind him riding a bicycle lol fug πŸ˜‘

Helpful man sees her and she offers him a helmet. Helpful man reluctantly takes the helmet from her and despite his lack of excitement to accept the ride, WE ALL KNOW HE ALSO HEART ITCHY ITCHY wanna hang out with her πŸ™„πŸ™„


Ok by now most of you can recognise this whole extract from the 9pm show haha and zomg I feel that Chen Han Wei is so gud at this kind of subtle acting. No wonder always win best actor.

Like no need to give him a very happening character he also can do damn well. He doesn’t even need to θ΅° drama θ·―ηΊΏ πŸ˜…

The little details llike him running his fingers through his hair a particular way, and then pushing his specs up his nose bridge.. if y’all noticed haha. He is so consistent!!

Anw it was my first time watching the show that day; ahlao and I dropped by Mama’s house and happened to watch this particular scene during the last 20 minutes of that episode and I alr damn triggered lol πŸ˜’

Ok back to my story.


So with 2 adults on the bicycle, it was naturally a little unstable so helpful man had to literally get a grip and hold on to the bike to stable himself. But mute girl HELD HIS HAND AND BROUGHT IT TO HER WAIST why you little bij see you sweet sweet but you seduce married man zzz πŸ™„πŸ™„

Ok granted, she might not know that he’s married (I forgot if he was wearing a wedding band) but still. You only met him twice why you make him touch you here there everywhere ZZZ.

Me at this moment is getting increasingly annoyed at mute girl and very sad for gud wife at home grr!! 😩

Mute girl sends helpful man home and he gets off the bike at his void deck. She then points to the full moon in the sky and sends him a poetic text about the moon but who the fug cares I’m already fuming 😑

They bid each other goodbye and then helpful man stands there looking at her leave, half feeling smitten, half feeling silly about the whole encounter with her. Like he keep on amchio want to smile don’t dare to smile kind. He also thinks out loud to himself, feeling impressed to find out that mute girl is such a poetic person.

Me is roll my eyes πŸ™„

Helpful man returns home to worried gud wife, who obviously stayed up to wait for him. While talking to him, she can smell a woman’s perfume on his clothes but helpful man chides her for thinking too much and hurries to shower.

YOU GUILTY FOR WHAT. This is why don’t ever say we women think too much hahaha. Our sixth sense is strong af don’t even trai us πŸ™…πŸ»‍♀️

That night, helpful man has a nightmare and dreams of some old ghost asking him for money HAHAHA that was hilarious af cos he stirs and jolts awake to gud wife’s hand at his neck lolol see la kena strangle now. πŸ˜‚ Cos you gonna betray your wife so even ghost wanna punish you first orbigut.

The next day, helpful man is having lunch with shitty friend at some dim sum place and he again chides shitty friend for spending unnecessary money when he doesn’t have the means to. You also give unnecessary big tip so you shuddup.

They have some casual conversation and helpful man tries to casually ask about mute girl zzz. Shitty friend vaguely recalls seeing her a few times at the night club and asks helpful man why he suddenly so interested. To his defense, he clarifies that he’s JUST CURIOUS how come a mute girl is working as a sexy bar girl.

Shitty friend teases helpful man and asks if he is interested in mute girl and helpful man gets all flustered and shuts shitty friend up by reminding him that WO YOU LAO PO DE. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Ok lor nice one, but you last night majiam forgot your wife’s name leh.

While walking home, helpful man bumps into mute girl yet again (aww it must be fate bring you guys together!!) but she looks pale af. She signs that she is heading home to sleep cos she’s unwell and helpful man gives a nod and goes on his way.

However, even after walking away, he can’t help but look like something jabbed his heart πŸ’” cos he’s so worried about mute girl who is sick. I guess he’s just a nice person feeling bad for another person but he is legit starting to get too invested me thinks.

Helpful man walks past a Chinese medicine hall and reaches out for a packet of flu medicine but stops himself. ARE YOU A DOCTOR NOW? He reminds himself that mute girl isn’t related to him in any way, and that he shouldn’t need to care for her so much.


Anddddd, it ends there for me. That was all I watched but it was enough to make me damn troubled and triggered lol.

Plus, during the credits scene, they aired some previews for the next or maybe future episodes, and I saw MUTE GIRL KISS HELPFUL MAN! And gud wife was crying 😭 COS SHE SAW!!!!

I really kent. I’m so sed πŸ’”

After we left Mama’s house, ahlao drove to the nearby petrol kiosk to pump petrol while I waited in the car, all kinds of thoughts running through my mind.

Why mute girl like that?

Why helpful man like that?

Could all these (mute girl falling for him / gud wife end up sed sed) have been avoided?

Where and when did things go wrong?

From the time helpful man decided to go to a nightclub to save shitty friend?

Or from the time he realised shitty friend didn’t need any help but still stayed back cos of mute girl?

Or from the time he decided to ride on her bicycle?

I didn’t watch the following episodes so I don’t know what happened and why they ended up kissing but up to the point I watched, is it considered η²Ύη₯žε‡Ίθ½¨ on helpful man’s part?

Actually a bit hard to argue cos their interactions were quite subtle and not exactly flirtyyy, but it was enough for them to be physically aware and feel uncomfortable.

So in this case, where should the line be drawn? πŸ˜”

Day 116

Thursday, 26 Apr 2018

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wlwlwl (avatar)

wlwlwl isn't that the 9pm show! πŸ˜…

8 months ago

huijjjo (avatar)

huijjjo Hi! How much r the paos?

8 months ago

huiyingying (avatar)

huiyingying HAHAHA ya I was thinking isn't it the show tooπŸ˜‚

8 months ago

missgoob (avatar)

missgoob @wlwlwl @huiyingying it is! It gave me a sleepless night lol πŸ˜…

8 months ago

missgoob (avatar)

missgoob @huijjjo $6 for a bag of 5 :)

8 months ago

jamienkl (avatar)

jamienkl omg yessss when i was reading your post the 9pm show keeps popping up in my mind! πŸ˜‚

8 months ago

binniepooh (avatar)

binniepooh hahaha the 9pm drama πŸ˜‚ but i also thinking how come the man is not honest with his wife about how much he won for the lottery lo πŸ™„

8 months ago

themerrymaker (avatar)

themerrymaker wah pls continue the story, I is very curious lol

8 months ago

ufuix (avatar)

ufuix me is very curious too lehhh

8 months ago

cherily (avatar)

cherily Hai I felt so upset for the wife while watching the show 😭😭😭

8 months ago

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