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I miss this face so much rn.

The other day I was not home & Nya Nya sent me this pic of ahgu wearing his new raincoat πŸ˜‚

Made me so heppi hehe. And she said he legit damn δΉ– really wear this for his walk in the rain lolol.

Our Monday morning walk :)

I love taking him out cos I get to have a breath of fresh air as well. That’s when I can for a moment empty my mind of any thoughts and just be with him.

When he flashes his big smile it’s like for a moment I forget all my troubles..

And my heart wrenches when he’s emo like that.. this happens every single time I tell him bye before leaving the house.

He hangs his head and then walks to his bed and plops himself down. Sometimes he walks into my sister’s room and curl up in the dark corner until I come home :(

I feel terrible about it, but it’s really the best I can do liao. I hope he doesn’t hates me. Mami is really trying my best πŸ˜”

Had a dragon fruit wimme so I made smoothie to share with my staff.

Added a banana for some sweetness.

Watching fruits get blended feels kind of therapeutic actually.

Watching it pour too.

Gorgeous colour.

Massive order of mini cupcakes! There’s double choc, nutella & oreo! All our favourite chocolate based flavours hehe.

These days they are able to handle kek collections themselves & I feel like a proud mami haha 😌

Last week was an extremely stressful week, so it felt extra nice to be appreciated by our customers. Shared this with my staff too cos they todali deserve equal credit!! Thank you Liling :’)

Weekend was spent with babies again haha.

Hi it’s you again :)

Baby bandits.

The joy lol. But sorry you have to wait lolol.

Babies are cute.

But dealing with a responsibility when you’re not ready is not cute.

Went to do some shopping at IKEA after that cos we wanted to get our bedside tables & I desperately needed to stock up on lint rolls lol.

I have no werds.

Dropped by #SungHouse to check out the reno progress and to my absolute horror, my glass backing in the kitchen was an awful green-tinge white.

I texted Chris immediately and we realised there was a miscommunication. We said we wanted white glass, he did white glass.

But apparently what we wanted was CRYSTAL WHITE (a term I just got to know about), which is a white-white that has no green tinge after spraying on the paint.

This is crystal white.

This is wtf white.

I mean, how can this be called white when it’s freaking green lol πŸ˜…

A bit 勉强 ah.

Anw after checking back with our 3D drawing (this is why the drawings are so important!!) and confirming that it was crystal white instead of the regular greenish white, Chris promptly made arrangements to do the change for us.

谒倩谒地 πŸ™πŸΌ

Sharing this episode here so you future home owners can take note too instead of making the same blunder like us lol. Remember to say you want CRYSTAL WHITE. πŸ™ƒ

#dayrehomes #dayrereno

HJG burger from macs for dinner with the fam that weekend. It was not spectacular cos the prawn paste flavour was it distinct. The drumlets tasted better but your best bet is still er, zichar HJG lol.

But flavour aside, it was a huge & joosy piece of bird that I really enjoyed still.

Had to.

Here’s a mix of ι»‘εˆΊ & MSW & it should be quite obvious which is the latter haha.

MSW is really expensive; all that for $130. But the amount of flesh on each seed is ridiculous. The seeds were all small and flat. So eating one seed was about the same as eating 3 seeds of another durian.

Flavour wise it was very rich, creamy, and bitter. Almost kinda jelat so I couldn’t have too much. I felt sick after 2 lol.

MSW goodness but I still prefer my normal $10 durians lol. I have cheap taste mebbe.

The seeds though.

Monday was spent with baba cos I accompanied him to JB!

Had to head to Ahlao’s house before entering JB cos I left my backpack in his car and he drove home with it lol.

And my passport was inside 🀦🏻‍♀️

Settled for lunch at Vivo, my favourite childhood place in JB lol. Decided to skip my favourite creamy mushroom pasta and get fish & chips instead cos I didn’t want carbs and this was the cheapest dish under the set lunch menu haha.

It was good though! Baba had all my fries cos I don’t like thick cut ones. Like I don’t like it when my fries are pale yellow and powdery.

I want them freaking GOLD and CRISPY. #shoestringforever

It was a nice lunch tgt :)

Indulged in llao llao after grocery shopping cos.. LLAO LLAO.

To me this is identical if I compare it with yole lol. But it was the cheap thrill of buying it at $5+ haha πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️

Was accompanying baba when he was at the petrol station & I was really surprised to see my poly days resume photo in his wallet!!

Along with the card I gave him many years ago 😭😭 Damn my heart seized a bit.

I bought this back when I was still in primary school..

I was a poor kid lolol and could only afford this $1.50 cheap Father’s Day present from a florist shop.

I chose it for very simple reasons, cos got anchor and ship. And I was a super proud of baba being a soldier and working in the navy haha.

I was really xiao touched to see all that in his wallet though.. it’s been so long since I actually made him a card or wrote him a note πŸ˜”

But at least fast forward to today, as an adult, I am able to spend time with him on a random day like this and pay for our lunch. It wasn’t expensive and didn’t seem like much but it made him really heppi. He couldn’t stop saying “now my girl ah, grow up already, can buy food for daddy” 😭😭

Ling came home for dinner today & she got us hooked on this crime thriller drama that she’s been watching with Ahlec.


Freak man I kent even. It’s gives me such ridiculous goosebumps & my hart is like thumping so fast. Even baba is watching it now haha.

It’s an old drama though. These time travelling stories always annoy me so much but then at the same time it’s so gud I kent give it up lol wtf.

But really, SO ANNOYING.


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Thursday, 19 Jul 2018

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sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe that baby is SUPER cute!????!!!!!!!

7 months ago

mini.c (avatar)

mini.c U should try 金鳳 and 黑珍珠.. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

7 months ago

jasxjs (avatar)

jasxjs Hi, can I check with you if Crystal white a common term. I'm also renovating my house and am looking for a pure white black splash as well (similar to what you want). But my ID told me that white back splash would have greenish tinge to it. Thank you so much!

7 months ago

roughterrain (avatar)

roughterrain 😍😍 where did you get the durians from! Looks gooddddd

7 months ago

bubblegumz (avatar)

bubblegumz That tassels on ur straw bag is cute! Where did u get it from πŸ™‚

7 months ago

poppity (avatar)

poppity Those MSW is legit!

7 months ago

everythingsushi (avatar)

everythingsushi 😍 awwww ur dad

7 months ago

jnsh_ (avatar)

jnsh_ Omg your dad is the sweetest 😍❀️

7 months ago

Iloveeilly (avatar)

Iloveeilly Wa omg your dad damn sweet ❀️

7 months ago

stellaxnova (avatar)

stellaxnova The drama you're referring to is called Signal right? That's one of the best crime dramas imo! If you have the time, I would recommend watching it from the beginning!

7 months ago

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