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Cooking adventures + recipes πŸ‘πŸΌ

Rainy morning, hot Milo 😌

And my yam kek from Taiwan. So glad I decided to carry this back!! It’s so guddd I kent.

I have so many SO MANY pics to share here but life has been VERY BUSY even though I’m home most of the time πŸ˜…

Chores and cooking just sucks away all my time and energy lolol. But..

I love my home so much.

I love being in it, I love coming home to it, I love cooking in it, I love welcoming ahlao back, I love watching Gooby walk around. I love home so, so much. #SungHouse

My bridal bouquet hehe. I sorted out some foliage and then dried these at the back of my kitchen :)

Eucalyptus went to our bathroom! The smell is so nice especially when we shower with hot water! Plus it looks so pretty 😍

Home 😌

Kitchen is my favourite place; I’ve been spending so much time here, making our meals! It’s tiring but so much satisfaction.

To a point I’ll feel a bit sad if ahlao suggests eating out if I’m too tired lol. I almost never let him unless we really don’t have groceries.

I cook like, EVERY MEAL. I sibeh take pride ok. Got it from my nya nya!

Just bombing some fud pics here! I update IG stories very often so please check there cos sometimes I share recipes too! ;)


Roasted some red cabbage & garlic paprika chicken!

Served with cheddar brown rice πŸ€ͺ

Wholemeal wrap for breakfast!

I make a bunch of them in advance and throw them into the freezer! Every morning ahlao is in a rush so he can just pop these into the microwave for a couple minutes while he gets ready, then eat on the go!



No dad bod yet so I still gotta sleep on bony shoulders for a while..

The other day ahlao cooked instead! It was a simple meal of miso soup with udon & tofu, and a plate of stir fried ε₯Άη™½ 😊

Comforting max πŸ™†πŸ»‍♀️

On one of my off days, I wanted to make lunch but chopped my finger while chopping broccoli lol.

Tossed some fusilli, broc, mushrooms & ham in pesto!

Lots of garlic too!

Threw on some cheese before popping this into the oven!

Happy colours πŸ’›

Doesn’t it look really gud?! What a simple yet satisfying lunch 😁

Another lunch at home.

Silken tofu with sesame sauce & edamame; no cooking required! I had it chilled right from the fridge :)

Soba with red cabbage & edamame was a very lazy effort to eat proper fud lol.

Cooking for one is such a bij when I don’t wanna put in effort hahaha.

A huge tray of roasted veg for our dinner the other day! Saved a portion from this for my lunch the next day lol. It was way too much cos we were clearing fud before our taiwan trip hahaha.

Dinner just a couple days ago!

I waited till like midnight cos Ahlao had to work late. I refused to eat alone cos I wanted to eat with him!! ι₯Ώζ­»ζˆ‘ πŸ˜†

Grilled teriyaki Saba served with brown rice, edamame, red cabbage & sesame seeds!

I roasted the seeds myself in a frypan over low heat at like 1130pm cos bored lol. But roasting them myself is shiok cos I can control how cooked I want them to be!

I like to go slightly brown; so flavourful and fragrant!

There was one night we were simply lazy with the dishes so we threw them in the dishwasher and watched a movie together instead πŸ€—

Love relaxing nights like these :)

Interval lolol.

There’s bake sale tmr! And we’ve been trial baking sth & I’m finally ready to launch it for sale this week!


Porcini mushroom pesto cheese pãos! With a hint of truffle. 🀀🀀

I find the mushroom flavour more obvious so I’m not calling in a truffle pão haha. It’s so gud. Hope you guys like it! Available tmr onwards! ;)

Lotsssss of matcha and baileys tiramisu available too! We didn’t make enough the last bakesale and had to push away so many of you 😩

But this time I hope we are stocked sufficiently hahaha.

Original cheese pãos & chewy choc chio cookies available too! From tmr (friday) to Sunday!! πŸͺ

WhatsApp us at 97482420 to pre-order! Self collection from 3 Everton park 01-77 πŸ‘πŸΌ


Ok back to my home cooked meals πŸ˜…

Just ytd I had the whole day at home cos I wasn’t feeling well so decided to skip work. But working in the #SungHouse kitchen the entire day made me even more unwell lol 😷

Oh well! But at least our breakfast for the next few days, settled!!

Minced beef, mushrooms, garlic. Seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano. Fry until cooked, set aside.

Bell peppers in all colours, red onions. Seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika, basil.

My eggs arrived!! I love ordering shit from RedMart it’s the best thing ever #notanad

Saves me the time and energy to lug these bags of stuff back from the supermarket wtf.

And some prices are cheaper!!

Some more slightly more expensive by a few cents but wtf.

I save petrol, parking, leg energy, perspiration, time.. just take my money and shut up, RedMart!!!!

Oh wait, do I really spend more since there’s free delivery and rebates EVERY SINGLE ORDER! LiveUp is bomb. Swear not an ad.

Ok so I also scrambled some eggs! Ahlao doesn’t like the idea of freezing cooked eggs but me no care so ya. He’ll still eat it anw πŸ˜…

Only seasoned this with pepper cos I mixed in the juices from cooking the beef and that had salt alr!

And then to assemble, I just whack everything on the wrap, add cheese and a bit of sriracha mayo ;)

A tip:

I microwave my wraps with a wet kitchen towel covering them. So they become moist and pliable to fold. If not dry af sure break haha.

YAS baybeh 🀀

I know, I know. I shall make a conscious effort to use parchment paper instead of foil next time so I can save the earth 😩

Anyways! I freeze these for 1-2 weeks (still alive lol) and microwave them in high for 3 minutes and eat immediately.

I remove foil and wrap the wrap (lolol) in a wet paper towel to microwave. πŸ‘πŸΌ

And as if I wasn’t tired enough after making the breakfast wraps, I also make pot stickers for our dinner lol.

Minced pork (I get the frozen kind; less yummy but whatever lol), chives, spring onions, 1 tsp each of shaoxing wine, sesame oil, soy sauce, sprinkling of salt, white pepper, sugar. Forgot to add cornstarch!

After everything was mixed!

I actually prepped this before I cooked wrap ingredients cos I wanted the meat to marinate a bit in the fridge!

So after I was done with wraps, I wrapped the pot stickers :)

Pardon my ugly work lol cos first attempt. This one #SungHouse not Din Tai Fung πŸ˜…

I was lazy so I used NTUC dumpling skin. They’re too thin for my liking; I think they’re for like shrimp dumplings like those in soups yunno?

I like my ι”…θ΄΄ skin thick and chewy haha but lazy so don’t complain lol πŸ˜†

In a non stick pan, I add oil, then the pot stickers, and fry for about a minute.

Then I add some water and cover. They will be cooked when the water is gone! And a charred base will form haha.

Cos I used the wrong skin, they look shitty lol. You’ll see.

Like wantons sia πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

And yes we eat them with vinegar and garlic instead of ginger cos that’s how Ahlao likes them so ya πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️

Charred base was achieved yay so heppi. But it’ll be so much better with the right skin lol.

Will I ever make my own dumpling skin? All that work? Lemme consider for two years 🀣

When client signed off as Jagabee, I returned the favour. So fun la πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Really eggcited for an upcoming campaign with them; will be sharing more here too! ✨

Bestfriend came over today! We just chilled the whole afternoon away and ordered fud for dinner lol.

Grabfud got 40% off so ya πŸ˜…

And now we’re watching Little Mermaid (δΊΊζΌ”ηš„) movie on tv hahaha. This nua life is nua! But I miss ahlao :(

Okie dokes bestfriend left & I fell asleep watching tv lol. Shall do a #kekspam since I’ve some Halloween themed keks to share! πŸ‘»

Isn’t this so cute?! πŸ’€πŸŽƒ

We have another one that looks a little more gruesome..

Lolol. Zombie brain kek!! 🧠

We even made it damn realistic by making clotty jam blood hahaha. The hand is mine though πŸ˜‚

Behind the scenes HAHAHAHA 🀣

Staff covered my hand in black food colouring and some cocoa powder. No I did not just crawl out from soil 🧟‍♀️

Moving on to less scary keks.. BABY SHARK πŸ˜‚

Goshie the song is stuck forever isn’t it! Even Josh Groban sang it I kent πŸ˜… Really raised my hairs up lol.

Rainbow petal kek topped with a bunny figurine! The little carrots are so cute. And so fun to make too!! 🐰πŸ₯•

Duffy and Shelliemay!

Massive Tsum Tsum ice cream drip kek!

It’s amazing how many people think the cone is REAL ice cream! Customers always ask if it’ll melt πŸ˜† So cute la y’all.

To unravel the mystery once and for all, it’s a kek pop coated in ganache and no it will NOT melt! πŸ€—

Another massive ombré kek! I love the shades & OCD lines here! And that little crown on the elephant hehe ✨

Cutie pie 🐷 Made the nose extra big this time hehe.

Tribal woodland theme! It was a bit challenging to incorporate tribal but I guess the little ‘face paint’ details did help! So cute!! 😁😁

Super popular design - We Bare Bears! I made this at least 7-8 times already! 🀩 The first kek was for Ahlao’s friend haha.

Flamingo kek with a twist!

The first time I made this, the flamingo was a number 2. This time it’s a number 1! πŸ˜‚

Bunny kek inspired by the unicorn kek haha. Love dat little pink nose πŸ’“

Another flamingo kek but with an ornamental figurine (non-edible) instead! Very simple but so pretty πŸ’–

Customised 8” whole mille crepe kek with chocolate shards and berry crown! πŸ“

And yes mille crepe whole keks can be ordered any time! :) Slices are only available during bake sale!

The other day we had extra kek batter so we made baby keks! These flew off the shelves in no time!

More baby keks hehe. We do simple customisation on them too! :) But these are only available during flash sales; lookout for them on my IG stories!

White kek with pink drip, topped with pink shards, berries & macarons! ✨

Made an exception and tried carving a kek again πŸ˜… I suck at carving la I kent 😭😭

Super εŽζ‚” but customer really wanted a durian shaped kek so ya.. omg but it looks so ugly :((

Basketball kek! Piping this took forever and my wrist was so sore and trembling after I was done lol πŸ˜†

View from the top! But I must say I was quite pleased with the neatness HAHAHA πŸ€πŸ€

Galaxy kek! Customer opted for some brown macarons too! If not usually we use all black for this theme ;)

Unusual colour choice for a shoutao kek but this grey ombré looks gorgeous with the gold leaves and matching macarons! πŸ‘

Another version of the shoutao kek in navy blue ombré! I love the pops of blue and pink in the toppings! πŸ‘πŸΌ

A snow theme kek hehe. Makes me think of Christmas, which will be here in no time gahhh! Excited for all the Xmas keks imma make!! 😁

This kek was inspired by the movie The Greatest Showman, using black, red & gold as the main colours ✨

Gold drip was really on point this time! 🀩

Ok this photo I hoard damn long I kent lolol πŸ˜… For my dear friends #SanFit!! Love the semi naked look with the shards, berries & macarons! 😍

Oops had to crop the bottom of the kek away cos this kek too tall haha.

It was a gender reveal kek and the cutest one we made to date! Coloured candy flowed out when they cut it cos the top tier is a piñata kek!

Lol at that bee pun hehe 🐝

Another ever popular design, especially with little girls! We also made this at least 10-15 times lolol. Never getting sick of mermaids!! πŸ™†πŸ»‍♀️

But take a closer look at the message tag guys, this mermaid lover is a 60 year old grandma and I betcha she’s cool af!!!

Moet drip kek!! 🍾

Customer dropped by to pass us the bottles. So pretty la 😭 The kek looked like a champagne bucket instead!

Loved this kek so much πŸ₯‚

Matcha ombré drip kek! This is like matcha latte but kek version hehe 🍡

Matcha lovers need to eat this! Really matcha overload but in a gud way zomg 🀀

Okie dokes end of #kekspam! Can’t believe the last time I did this was August lol. I really need to find my dayre mojo back!!


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Thursday, 25 Oct 2018

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silverrain (avatar)

silverrain Omg your meals look so appetising ! Makes me motivated to do them but aish every morning oversleep then rush πŸ˜…

2 weeks ago

chialmonds (avatar)

chialmonds do you have your roast chicken and veggie recipe!!! my roasted veggie always end up too hard or too dry?? 😒

2 weeks ago

shangjia (avatar)

shangjia yes yes @missgoob roasted vegetables and chicken recipes please!

2 weeks ago

slipnfell (avatar)

slipnfell Hello where did u get ur yam cake in taiwan?

2 weeks ago

shangjia (avatar)

shangjia @missgoob oh recipe for the pasta too pls! Thank you!

2 weeks ago

chubbyun (avatar)

chubbyun The pan fried dumplings look yummy!

2 weeks ago

youdoyouandidome (avatar)

youdoyouandidome Can I know what pan is that in oven

2 weeks ago

varwerweee (avatar)

varwerweee Hi missgoob, do you mind sharing where is your bouquet from? ☺️

2 weeks ago

summerflyy (avatar)

summerflyy Dumpling skin is very nice and fast to make actually ! Dumpling sisters has got a recipe for it :D

2 weeks ago

missgoob (avatar)

missgoob @silverrain haha ya that’s why during weekends or free time all the more must prep! Then next time mornings can sleep a while more hehe 😁

@Chialmonds @shangjia I just put in oven at 170 for 20-25 minutes but must use eye power too! Same for pasta!

@haybunnie no I don’t!

@slipnfell 香帅!

@Chubbyun thanks! :)

@youdoyouandidome just a regular ceramic casserole hahaha πŸ˜…

@varwerweee amytfleur! :) she’s great!!

@summerflyy I’ll check it out thank you! :))

2 weeks ago

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