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#HIMMH ❤️ + Our Solemnisation Party ✨

Alright, here comes my
final post on Dayre.. 😌

I started this journey on Dayre from the very first day, not knowing how my life would actually change so much. But it did ✨

In all sorts of ways.

My business grew, I learnt new things, I shared my passion, I expressed unpopular opinions, I forged real friendships, I found love.. 💕

Dayre was a platform & community that I turned to, to share my anxieties of meeting someone new (actually my first time ever meeting ANY BOY lol), express my insecurities, to document the beautiful moments of a first love, to sharing my joy of marrying that first love 😂

You guys were at every part of
my significant milestones!

Like a fairytale (if I may say so HAHA), I would like my journey here to end with a beautiful 结局 💕

I’m finally sharing the official pics from our solemnisation party 😌

But lemme start with a little background story about how we met! I know many of you have been waiting for me to talk about this for the longest time.

Thank you for being so patient! 🤗


I met ahlao on Tinder!

Coincidentally, 23 Feb was also the day Ahpei gave me his phone number so we could whatsapp LOL.

We talked 24/7 (like legit from early morning to past midnight kind) for a whole week & he NEVER asked for my name and still refused to ask for my number this zbj lolol so I had to put aside my girl pride & HINT-ASK FOR HIS NUMBER INSTEAD 🤣🤣

Come to think of it, HE DIDN’T EVEN SAY HELLO!!

So rude one ah this boy. Straight away want to find out if your future wife can cook is it 😂



So anyways, we talked on WhatsApp for MORE THAN A MONTH and there was no advancement lolol. Our conversations advanced so much - we talked about our work, passions, dreams, even our families.. we even learnt each other’s birthdays and where we lived lol.

I was so troubled I kept asking my sisters if this dude is just using me to pass time or cure boredom since he’s not keen to meet up at all! But this one I die also don’t want to ask first la so paiseh right!!! 😆


He finally asked me out!! 😅

Wang Wang was some inside joke thing cos I lost a bet (he guessed my birthday correctly!) and had to buy him Wang Wang but he never came to ‘redeem’ it from me lol really is zbj.

Like hello I buy the 车票 for so long alr why you no 上车 ahlao!! 😁😁

My shop was still at Bukit Timah at that time and I loved walking home from shop so that was my usual Sunday activity lolol. People single girl maaaa.

So I asked if I could head home to wash up first 😂 #vain lolol.

I was quite upfront with my feelings lolol go tell my date I’m nervous 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

And then Ahpei damn disturb, ask me not to consult my BESTFRIEND all!! From the very first day, he read me like a book already 🤗

He knew exactly what I would be doing HAHAHAHA but I denied it la 😂😂

But consult my BESTFRIEND was the first thing I did BAHAHAHAHAHA I KENT 🤣

Also asked my sisters for opinion on where to go lololol I’m such a nervous wreck 😅😅

In the end Ahpei suggested meeting at my condo playground even though we could’ve just met at CWP; he was gonna come pick me up! +10 points lolol 😊

Even BESTFRIEND approved hehe 👍🏼

Happy sigh, writing all these really makes me feel the same excitement I felt while anticipating Ahpei’s arrival lolol 🙈

Long story short, we sat at the playground and REALLY ATE WANG WANG while we talked about Ahpei’s childhood.

Then we walked to CWP, with Ahpei telling me all about his NS life cos I was just too nervous to say anything, so he did all the story telling 😂

Amazing how he kept talking and talking just to engage me in a conversation HAHAHA!

I’ve NEVER been on a date, much less meet anyone from Tinder wtf. Apparently I was the first person Ahpei met from online too! At that point of time, who would’ve though we’d end up married to each other!!

Really is fate 😭❤️🙏🏼

I barely talked during our dinner at Subway. Ahpei told me to pick a restaurant but I picked Food Republic and he was like “What?!!” 😂

So I picked Subway lor..

I remember being so nervous my skirt was wet with perspiration from sitting down LOLOL and I couldn’t even finish my fud for the first time cos I felt like puking from nervousness (legit, I wanted to throw up) cos so 反胃 🤮

After the awkward dinner (mostly on my end), we didn’t know where to go and kind of ended up outside the MRT.

Assuming I just dug my own grave, I blurted out an awkward “Ok bye” cos I thought Ahpei was gonna take the train and leave liao 😂😂

But then he was like xiao shocked lolol so he said “Oh nvm la lemme walk you home!” But then I was like uh my house very far.. LOL 🙄 I said all kinds of crap (we walked here in the first place) that didn’t make sense ugh lemme go shoot myself!!! 😩

Thankfully, Ahpei insisted on walking me home and it was then I kinda loosened up and talked more.

At times I’d find myself walking ahead of him (lol my gancheong nervousness.. got so eager to go home or not!!) & Ahpei had to keep reminding me to chill and walk slower 🤣

So that night, we walked reallyyyyy slowly but I still got home at like 8pm HAHAHA what kind of first date end so early one!!

We said an awkward goodbye at my gate and I saw Ahpei turn around and leave. No lingering at all.


I was so scared I’d never score a second date cos I’m such a weirdo 😥🙄 When I stepped into the house feeling all dejected, my family be like “walau why you so fast come back?!!”


I really thought I gg.com already, but then the next moment, Ahpei texted me! 😃

To tell me that he felt lonely walking out himself aww! Then he also said next time I should buy him steak!

It was THE second date sign!! 🙌🏼

Had to seek assurance from my BESTFRIEND again 😅

Anw Ahpei did ask me out a second time (to eat YTF and then we went to Woodlands Waterfront Park where he tied my hair with a strand of grass rmb?!) and the rest is history.

And so guys, that was how I met my ahlao! ☺️

I hope my silly story is worth the wait hahaha.

I didn’t dare write about this not because I am ashamed of online dating (I had no chance to meet people offline cos of work so really bobian), but more because the idea of marrying someone I met online sounded so damn far fetched even to myself and I didn’t want to jinx anything until things got serious 😆

Before I even matched with Ahpei, I really did match with a bunch of freaks; one even asked me if I’m a virgin wtf I unmatched immediately. Why is that his daiji anw?!

Out of all the real weirdos and tikopeks who wanted nothing but ‘casual fun’, I really struck the jackpot with Ahpei.

From day one, he was this proper, polite gentleman, loves his family, loves my family, loves 观音菩萨, loves Singapore.. 😂😂

We share so many similarities and I’m thankful we got along so well, which really helped our relationship blossom :’)

Till today, it’s hard to believe I actually found someone like him on Tinder so don’t give up hope guys! There are gud people online! 😌

So yep fast forward 10 months, Ahpei asked me to marry him and then fast forward another 10 months, we signed the papers to become man and wife 💘

On New Year’s Day this year, we held an intimate solemnisation party to share the joy with the people dearest to us :)

With the help of some of my close friends & generous vendors-turned-friends, here are some pictures from our #SagaSeedWedding 🤗

📷 Photography: @/frames.persecond / @joycesayshello - sponsored

🎊 Concept & styling: @/iwgcreations - sponsored

🌹🍃 Floral arrangement: @/amyt.fleur - sponsored

💄💋 Make-up: @missanpan - her job 😂

💇🏻‍♀️ Hair: @/blackhairsalon - sponsored

👀 Lash extensions: @/lushlabsg - sponsored

👰🏻 Dress: @/zalora - bought
👟 Sneakers: @/thesocialfoot - bought

🤵🏻 Outfit: Bangkok, H&M - bought
👞 Leather shoes: Bata - bought

💍 Wedding bands: Tiara Creation - bought

🥘🥦 Mini buffet: @/neogardencatering - sponsored

🍰 Wedding kek: #Goobycakes - laoniang bek one

Ok done with the declarations, moving on! 😂❤️

Starting with this shot of Ahpei literally holding his heart while watching me walk down the ‘aisle’ 😭❤️

I’ve dreamed of looking at this face of his, looking at me. But that day, I couldn’t look at him at all. I looked in front as I walked towards Ahpei but it was a blurry scene 😭😭😭

Btw guys, I painstakingly cropped all the pictures into a square so y’all can appreciate the full beauty of the setup done by Grace & Amy!

Love the rustic colour palette of cream, dark red & green. It’s perfect ✨

Holding baba’s arm, I could feel his nervous breathing. I know baba must have been overwhelmed with emotions too :’)

Everyone was clapping and cheering, our song was playing at the background..

And that at that very special moment, my VIP came up to me :’)))

What a precious moment with my big love 🐶❤️

Thank you so much for capturing this @joycesayshello!!

I was really happy and 放心 having Joyce shoot for us cos as a fellow dog mami herself, I knew she’d look out for these special gougou moments for me!! 🙆🏻‍♀️💕

I was pleasantly surprised when Ahpei presented the bouquet to me because I completely forgot about flowers 😅

Couldn’t take my eyes off ahlao cos somebody so well-dressed, so handsome ☺️😍🤩

After Ahpei said his vows (he memorised every single word of it 😢), I turned to baba and be like “Baba! Your phone?”

Cos I typed mine in my dad’s notes app that very morning while everyone was busy getting ready 😆

In the foreground is BBIL, helping us record that very moment on video.

I put him in charge of my Olympus that day and he really helped us capture many many shots while carrying the various lens & tripod around tirelessly. SANKS @icetallmilk! 🙌🏼

Ahpei fez here I kent 😭

Our wedding bands from Tiara.

We were walking around Centrepoint when we chanced upon this shop! I liked their classic & minimalist designs (although some a bit 老老 la 😅) plus the price was very reasonable :)

Ahpei and I are not into brands so we didn’t look around much and confirmed the purchase that very day! 😁

Helping Ahpei put on his ring felt so surreal.

As a young girl, I’ve always seen weddings on TV shows and movies but then at that very moment, I was living that scene.

When Ahpei put my ring on for me, I was only thinking one thing:

Don’t get stuck 😂😂

Our bride and groom chairs! 😍

This came as a surprise cos I didn’t expect Grace & Amy to decorate the chairs too!

Cos the thing is, we held our solemnisation ceremony at my place and the green lounge was actually a public area 😂 #sobasic

We didn’t rent tables nor chairs so it was really nice of them to prettify these chairs for us!!

My saga seed terrarium ring holder awww ❤️

I love it so much!! The Mr & Mrs signs were secretly requested by my ahlao lol I didn’t even know he had these in mind!

Thank you Grace for getting these for us! 🙆🏻‍♀️

Bought our gold glitter pens from TYPO since I had a 20% discount hahaha.

Baba was so nervous signing our wedding cert! 😆


This floral arch was more that what I could ever dream of having. The fabric, the colours, the massive arrangement.. 💕

Thank you so much for going all out and exceeding our expectations Grace & Amy :’))


Love this shot!!

It was Bryan’s idea (for my dress) hehe and Joyce captured it at the right moment! Kudos to them 😍


Cos someone stupiak go shake his hand and call him ZL lolol erhem yes I am talking about you @missanpan 🤣

Oh and so many of you were asking me since the beginning of time 😂 YES I baked my own wedding kek! 🙌🏼

I actually didn’t have any idea how I wanted it to look like lol. Until the day before!! I stared at the layers of kek, completely out of inspiration 😩

I remembered Grace telling me she’s gon incorporate dark red roses, plus Ahpei shirt is burgundy too.. so ya lor, I decided I’d just make a rustic kek in the same colour 😅

Threw on some matching macarons, gold leaves and bam! D’was my kek ✨

Even gugubie couldn’t focus lolol; he wanted to lunge for the kek! It did smell pretty gud la HAHAHAHA 🤗

Huge thanks to Grace for making the little buntings for us! It says ‘BEST DAY EVER’ 🤩

This candid shot of gugubie & I 😁

And zomg I cannot remember my hair was this long!! And this was 2 months ago only lolol.

As you can see, my ahlao really loved the MR & MRS glitter signs 😂😂

More 😆😆

I feel like I don’t deserve this pretty set up at all 😭 It’s too perfect already 😭😭😭

Can’t believe they transformed an empty public area into this rustic, dreamy, floral wonderland ❤️✨

I was so heppi to be a sneakers bride, like finally!! These were really comfy to be in! Definitely my kind of wedding shoes compared to heels!! 😍

One more of us against the gorgeous backdrop :)

Gugubie was wearing a bow tie too! His groomer gave it to him hehe. I specially kept it for this day! Mami get married, of course my behbi must be cute cute 🐶

“You married my mami?”

“Ok sayang me first then you can be my dehdi!!”


#ThisGooby obviously enjoying his massage very very muchie HAHAHAHA. Tongue come out all 🤣

Zomgah still feeling very emotional when I see this photo.

Which is a zoomed in version of..

This photo 💓💓

Ling came forward to give me a hug and we just held each other and BAWLED 😭

So much love for this sister who was with me throughout this whole journey from our Tinder days. She met BBIL on Tinder too! And he also soldier. We really is 姐妹 la sia 🤗

They are getting married in two weeks zomggg I will confirm be damn emotional la!!!

I still rmb when Ling worked with me at Goobycakes. I was really worried that our crazy work schedule would rob her of her chance to ever get married.

Cos the both of us hardly had the time to go out and meet new people the ‘traditional way’ - take part in social activities, get to know friends of friends (we didn’t even have many friends to begin with lolol)..

So the both of us figured enough is enough, we had to do something about our lives or we will work to our deaths and end up marrying each other 😂😂

I’m really glad to be on this journey with you meimei @missanpan 🙆🏻‍♀️

Not forgetting my other meimei, @jieyiwong, who always lends me a listening ear when I need one. Even through the late nights 🙆🏻‍♀️

Gugubie is so cute here btw!! 🐶

One with ahlao too & no he is not blinking and certainly not sleeping. His eyes are open. I repeat. HIS EYES ARE OPEN 🤣🤣🤣

And zomg gugubie is looking like a 乖宝宝 here just perched on my lap!! And he is legit smiling for the camera aww. So cuteee I kent ❤️❤️

I’m just so so so thankful that Gooby was able to ‘attend’ my wedding. Glad we decided to have our solemnisation at home! 😃

I forgot if it was Joyce or Bryan who gave us the idea, or was it BBIL, but we decided to throw some saga seeds around to get that ‘confetti’ shot 😆

Tried so many times but we kept throwing them at different timings BAHAHA 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️

Poor Ahlec had to keep picking up saga seeds from the ground lololol 😂😂

One last pic; also my favourite 💋

Ahpei hates kissing me when I have lipstick or lip balm on hahaha but on our wedding day he didn’t mind at all sia! Hehehe 🤩

Jokes aside, thank you, my dayre friends, for reading our story and sharing our joy. Thank you for your well wishes, virtual support & love :’)

From here on, Ahpei and I will continue to appreciate each other, love each other, and grow together to become better people 😌

I feel a little sad that I can’t continue to share more about our wedding & home renovation happenings here on Dayre anymore 😔

But fret not guys, this won’t be the end ok? If you’d like to continue following snippets of our wedding planning & home renovation journey, I will update regularly on Instagram @missgoob :)

As for writing, I already have a dot com so I’d probably continue writing there:

www.missgoob.com 📝

Many of you have DM-ed to ask if I have a Wordpress account - yes I created one under the username @missgoob but I haven’t decided if I want to be all over the place.. I downloaded WP mainly to do the dayre export.. after ending this post 😬

Sigh I feel like kraiing now!! 😩

Wtf why am I even so emotionally attached to an app. But we are talking about yearsss of memories here ya. And it’s already part of a lifestyle. Dayre-less life will need some major getting used to 😟

So I guess this is goodbye, my virtual friends! 👋🏼

Thank you for sticking around 🙆🏻‍♀️

If you ever see Ahpei and I on the streets, don’t be shy and do say hi to us ok! I will give you a warm DAYRE FRIEND HUG! 🤗

Dayre might be gone but our friendship shall not be! Love y’all & take care ❤️


Day 53

Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

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lisabagyard Hi! Are you on Wordpress?

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amberverena I'll miss your kek spam and your candid sharing of your life and stuff. And bake sales!

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tsujen yuan lai you haven't share this story!! cos i did scroll back to your old posts thought i missed it 🙊😂

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nuasailife Hehehe can share about your first impression?

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jiaminnn Ah Pei should guest blog from his perspective too!! ❣️

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weisemo I still rem the post of how he ask u to be his gf. that was so romantic! makes me wanna sing 周杰伦 - 简单爱

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pg2501 Your story is almost exactly the same as mine! Hahahaha. Never once tot I’ll meet my other half online and what more my 1st! I guess fate and luck play a part! All the best in your r/s!

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mrsergul such a sweet story!

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singyourwayhomee OMG you and your ahlao matched on tinder on the exact same day as my husband and I! we just got married too 🤗🤗🤗

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sandydandy (avatar)

sandydandy T.T I also bawled at the photos of you & Ling bawling la sia. Ahhh I’m so happy for you JH babeeee! Still remember holding my heart for you when you were talking about him like wayyyy back. Look at you two now. 💕💕

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