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Why we chose our ID 🏠

Hi guys!

I’ve been working on something with my ID and I’m finally ready to share some awesome news with you guys!

I know a lot of you here are around my age, either waiting to get married or waiting to get your homes!

Ever since I started documenting our renovation journey, I’ve received many questions about #SungHouse and of course, the most popular question was “can you share the contact of your ID?”

I’ve always been very willing to share, not cos our reno was sponsored lol (I wish; we paid for everything in full!) but because I really highly recommend our ID to all our friends going through the same stage in their lives! 😁

A few readers have actually signed with Chris already and they’ve been updating me about their home reno and it’s so heartening to see that y’all are getting ready to move into your dream homes 🥰

While deciding on the theme for #SUNGHOUSE, I knew I wanted it to be simple, with wood, white and gold aspects. All we needed was someone to bring our vision to life, within our reno budget of course! 🏠⁣

最讨厌 is when I tell them I want to work within $40k and they say “nvm I add this in first and you see if you like it” then end up quote me $80k like hello 😒

Really glad we found Chris from Plush Interior Design (disclaim again: our reno was not sponsored; we paid for everything) because he was VERY receptive when we told him our ideas & only offered alternatives when there were potential problem areas.

Like I met another very quirky dude (sorry I judge from his attire) & when I told him I wanted white carpentry with gold handles, he told me (his exact words) “it’s a popular combination with all due respect but it’s very Indian leh”



Firstly how is white and gold very ‘indian’ and secondly, since when house design got race category one?

So if I want red I’m very Chinese, and if I like tribal prints I’m very African?? Similaosai????? 🤯 I todali didn’t bother to meet him a second time wtf.

When we met Chris (found him on IG), it was very different cos we asked if he could actually come to see #SungHouse fo real (easier to understand what I want & also the space constraints) & he immediately said ok! 👍🏼

We fixed an appt in no time & he was taking measurements & drawing on our walls alr! The quotation was also sent to me within 1-2 weeks! Efficiency is key here cos getting a house ready and renovated on time is on the top of everyone’s list I’m sure! Then we can start shopping! 😛

Throughout the planning stage, Chris also DID NOT bombard us with his own ideas and try to use a 'model design' on all his clients.

We’ve met some ID that are like that - they just want to do a one size fits all but a home is such a personal thing!!

This was so so important to me cos I wanted an ID who LISTENS. 👂🏼 #soimportant⁣

As Plush is a pretty new company, tbh I also a bit xiao sked la. If the price is so reasonable, scully later shitty quality how right 😅

So we asked Chris if it was possible for him to bring us to a house he’d previously renovated, for us to take a look at the workmanship and quality of the finishing :)

And he did! 🙌🏼

So we rly went into a stranger’s home to look see look see, and that day we signed the contract with him! ✏️

Throughout the couple months of reno journey, Chris was always responsive to our questions, even on WhatsApp, even on late nights! 😅⁣
Best thing is, Chris also helped us head down to our unit to receive all our online shopping goods and to wait for the deliveries. That was super helpful cos both Ahlao and I had to work long hours and sometimes we really couldn't make it down on weekdays!⁣

Really no ragrets hiring an ID, cos we left so many things to him to settle for us! I didn’t need to worry about making appointments with the carpenter, or arranging for the electrician to drop by, meet the SP services dude blah blah blah. Chris handled everything for us lolol 😛👍🏼

In addition, Chris also arranged for all our online loots like shower heads, taps, cabinet handles, lighting etc to be installed by his men! So thankful!! 👷🏼‍♂️🔧🧰🔩⁣

You know la nowdays everything buy from Taobao. But not like I know how to fix a hanging light right 😂

If you guys decide to engage Chris, no need to worry about this part! Plus he legit damn honest & told us to buy our own bookshelf instead of getting carpentry to be built cos it’s cheaper. Rly appreciate his honesty & transparency!

We’ve moved in for a few months now, and every day I’m just so happy with my home 😊 #dayrehomes #dayrereno

It was really a wonderful and pleasant experience renovating our home with Chris, our ID turned friend, so I’m working together with him this year, to bring you guys some amazing perks if you’d like to get your future home renovated by him! 🤩

missgoob x Plush

Chris looking to build his portfolio so from now till the end of 2019, simply quote 'MISSGOOB' when you reach out to Plush or Chris himself to ask for a quote and upon every successful sign up, receive:

Quotation amount $15000 to $25000
Free meitu 8 phone*

Quotation amount $25001 to $35000
120 mins couple spa package at G Spa*

Quotation amount $35001 to $45000
One night stay at MBS*

Quotation amount $45001 and above
3D2N stay at RWS & tickets to 4 attractions*

*subject to availability depending on
preferred redemption period.

Now the next question I foresee you asking is, “how much did you spend on #SungHouse?”

I hacked a wall to combine 2 bedrooms, hacked both bathrooms wall and floor to replace all tiles, hacked kitchen floor and replaced tiles, did kitchen carpentry, living room storage settee, polished living room’s existing parquet tiles, did up master bedroom false ceiling, master vanity, and master wardrobe! For less than 40k (just reno excluding furniture 🤗)

I think the initial quote was less than 35k but along the way we added this and that like kitchen glass door, new fireproof main door, changed the obiang gate, additional paint jobs for all other doors and frames, changed the door knobs to handles, add electric points, rewiring lolol.. so it was close to 40k eventually! But I feel that Chris’ rates are really very reasonable :)

Aircon and electrical work is always not part of the main quote so take note! 🤗

But I feel that Chris’ rates are really very reasonable :)

Of course your total reno cost will depend on many variables like how much built in carpentry you’re getting, surface area for tiling works, what kind of tiles or premium laminates you select and all! :) We went with a mix :)

So yep, hope all these info helps! It was also my first time rly renovating my own home, so just sharing my experience with you guys! 🙋🏻‍♀️

So back to the reno promo - it will run till the end of this year, and he’s so so so generous with the perks so please don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity! 🙆🏻‍♀️⁣

Chris is contactable via WHATSAPP at 94233411 📲
If you’ve any questions about renovating your home, leave me a comment or drop me a text, I’d be glad to share anything that can be of help! 💕

But most importantly rmb to quote ‘missgoob’ to get the perks if you rly sign with them!! 🤗

Help y’all 争取 one!! ❤️

Day 15

Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019

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smallbully (avatar)

smallbully Hello!! Totally reminded me of some of the IDs I met. The first one I met, told them my budget 35k and I DO NOT WANT open kitchen as I’m very sensitive to smell. They came back with a quote of 70ish + a design with open kitchen. I’m like, do u even listen to your (potential) customers?!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️

1 month ago

mentalforpolish (avatar)

mentalforpolish I'd love to have his contact for my future house and also for my bro who's looking for an ID! Could you share his contact with me? thank you

1 month ago

W2506 (avatar)

W2506 Could I get the contact as well? Many thanks 😊😊😊

1 month ago

sh3r_yl (avatar)

sh3r_yl Can I get his contact too? Hehe thanks in advance!

1 month ago

noddle (avatar)

noddle hello, how much did you spend on electricity wiring? was it part of the initial 35k quote? thanks in advance :)

1 month ago

weilin02 (avatar)

weilin02 Hi! Is your house a 3/4/5-room flat?

1 month ago

shirzyyy (avatar)

shirzyyy @danslamour for your consideration too! :)

1 month ago

hmcheong (avatar)

hmcheong Hello! Could I check if yours is a resale/BTO flat please? Thank you :)

1 month ago

Liiiiiiim (avatar)

Liiiiiiim Hi @missgoob may I know where you get the gold handle bar? Thanks!

1 month ago

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