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Huat ah last work day!! 🙌🏼

The whole Christmas and CNY frenzy has finally come to an end and I’ll be off for my much needed break and honeymoon in two days! 🤩

Rly haven’t been spending a lot of quality time with Ahlao due to work.. and he works even later than me 😅

So glad we can finally go on a break tgt! ❤️

Counter situation on 除夕 day hehe. Are y’all having one of these Huat Kek for your reunion dinner? 🍍

We made so many of these I lost count haha. But very gud, very Huat! 🙌🏼

Operation Clear Fridge 😂

This was our lunch today! We were desperately clearing the fud in our fridge for the past few days cos we are travelling for quite some time.

Froze whatever I could and these were the final few things we had! Made soupy meetaimak with minced pork, fried egg with onions, grilled luncheon meat 😋

Ahlao loves his luncheon meat crispy but I love it soggy so I broke it into pieces and put it in my soup HAHAHA 🤤

Post lunch nua sesh 😁

He’s so furry and cute rn I kent.. 😭❤️ I’ll miss him so much gahhh.

Following us out for reunion dinner and Ahlao’s service is indeed the bez haha 🤗

Still got bed and pillow hehe.

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Monday, 4 Feb 2019

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