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updated 1 month ago

I miss my salads. A lot. Especially my fave salad combo with smoked salmon.

So for two days at the hotel breakfast I decided to just do it and make my salad with my Japanese dressing. Lettuce and Seaweed salad with Japanese dressing is one of my favourites.

Added nuts and seeds - pecan and pumpkin - to amp up the nutrients.

Back in SG and I still haven’t gotten enough my fresh vegetables fill.

So did it again yesterday, and again today.

I miss my salads and eggs the most. Same as the last time.


I try to keep the faith that humans are inherently good, but it’s so hard. So hard. Trying to sneak in positive vibes and thinking, but it’s so hard.

How do you keep the faith.

Day 4

Friday, 4 Jan 2019

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everythingsushi (avatar)

everythingsushi It's probably easier if it's "most humans" and not all humans.

1 month ago

misseve23 (avatar)

misseve23 @everythingsushi sadly the sentence still seems true even if replaced by “most humans” 🤷🏻‍♀️

1 month ago

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