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mixed bag

The other day in 台北 I asked Aly what was her favourite part of the day, but being her troll self she replied some nonsense. Twice.

I gave up asking and said “I don’t want to talk to you anymore”.

Five seconds later...

I said, “come and drink water”.

She replied this:

I thought you don’t want to talk to me?

You win.


Was on the SIA Dreamliner yesterday, a day after its launch of the Singapore-Taipei route. They had a small launch party for those on the inaugural route on 1 Jan.

I am impressed with the new interior - I think the seats are slightly larger, because I didn’t feel as squeezy in my seat (despite being quite like a whale).

The entertainment system is so idiot-proof now, and not only because it’s touch screen but the way it is designed. They even have a kids mode.

They no longer have window shields so air stewardesses will no longer remind you to keep them up during take off and landing.

Instead, it is now easily adjustable by the touch of two buttons, and the window filter adjusts accordingly. So so cool, I like.

The filter is blue and changes in intensity with each of the settings.

I think this is the darkest setting.

I miss the cool weather. Until I had a headache when we landed. Mehh.

Pink hues today. In hot, humid weather.

Watching a movie at 430pm and have an hour to kill while Q goes for his haircut.

So here I am. Am taking pics of these while the table beside me talks about social media detox hoho.

I suppose it depends how one uses social media.

I remember GP days when they had topic questions on “technology is a double-edged sword. Discuss”.

There are so many aspects of technology right now, so many POVs.

I don’t know if it is because I’m more plugged into current affairs now but I think it’s such an interesting time to be doing GP now.

I actually enjoyed GP back then.

Some of my favourite hues in this pic 🙃

This #gucci bag is so photogenic. Love my buy.

Haven’t had macarons in a very Long while but these are just to fill my stomach because there’s nothing else much I feel like eating and which has a seat for me with my macchiato.

It’s my first time drinking a macchiato at Koi and I actually like how it tastes. Found a new drink for the new year! Not sure it’s that good in terms of calories though.

Day 3

Thursday, 3 Jan 2019

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