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I’ve decided to be more active in taking charge of my own health and nutrition, because no one else at home seems to subscribe to my type of nutrition.

For breakfast today, I have prepared yogurt with cereal and nuts, drizzled with manuka. Will make do with this cereal because my fig nuts muesli has expired 😢

Then I’ll supplement with almond milk after.

I’ve read that yogurt helps prevent allergies so hopefully baby will come out more immune. Also read apples seem to help prevent eczema in babies so I’ve also been eating more apples than usual. Helps that I have cravings for them. Perhaps it’s nature’s way of telling me it’s good.

Aly (and correspondingly I as main caregiver) suffered from eczema in her early years, but I’m so glad she has outgrown her cow milk allergy (which triggered eczema).

That meant as breast milk provider I had to try to steer clear of cow’s milk, and boy I never realised how prevalent cow’s milk was in our common food - bread, biscuits, chips (!!), creams/ sauces on food, my favourite lattes unless I changed to soy etc etc. I would stand and scrutinise food labels at supermarkets.


I think I might also start buying and preparing my own avocado - I haven’t been doing that at home because I just think it’s so intimidating to pick the right avocadoes and then time them to eat them when it’s perfectly ripe.

The other day, I roasted asparagus for breakfast. Also bought some canned salmon and light tuna. Canned, but beats alternatives I would get.

If I don’t plan for my own breakfast, I’ll get nothing, or some oily Asian breakfast that is fat-nutritious at best.

Day 6

Sunday, 6 Jan 2019

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tengxyz (avatar)

tengxyz U can try taking probiotics supplements! Highly raved abt for reducing allergies and eczema in babies

1 month ago

misseve23 (avatar)

misseve23 @tengxyz thanks for sharing!

1 month ago

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