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I love lazy weekends.

There’s the luxury of time of soaking in that blissful feeling of waking up with a smiley toddler who will whisper her “I love yous”, “has the sun woken up?”, and then the little hugs and kisses after.

Today’s morning weather is pleasant; I can hear the birds chirping outside, leaves gently rustling and the occasional kid/ dog talk outside.

My Christmas 🎁

I had been eyeing a particular bag for so long, waiting for the day I’d be able to buy it from the boutique personally.

It was tough because they only have a few physical stores worldwide, and at one point, only one at Rue Cambon.

I wasn’t about to head to Paris anytime soon so I really didn’t know when I would be able to have it. Then they announced the opening of a store in Taipei sometime in April 2018 and I was like 😳 what are the odds.

A pic for memory’s sake.

I love this brand for its exclusivity and history - they used to be a firearms manufacturer, making holsters and gun bags, and so now their designs pay homage to that history.

They are touted as a rival to Goyard.

The SAs in that store are the friendliest bunch I’ve honestly ever met. They’re so bubbly, offer their recommendations in a very sincere manner, and entertained the kiddo.

It was a very pleasant shopping experience.



My Calibre 21. Armed for seduction.

Apparently it’s limited edition for this version as it is slightly wider than the usual. The usual is pretty thin and won’t be able to fit much.

I had always wanted a burgundy version of
this but it didn’t come in the wider version.

Also added a deer to accessorize the bag, at the SA’s recommendation. She said it’s exclusive to the 台北 store, and anything exclusive goes for me haha. Fits the theme of the bag well I think!

I haven’t felt this excited about a purchase in such a long while and the hunt for this makes this purchase all the more sweeter.

Good stuff are indeed worth the wait.

This was supposed to be the only bag on my bag wish list to be fulfilled in 2018 but the Gucci marmont camera bag sneaked its way in at the very last minute.


On this note, I think I’m almost ready to get something on my bag wish list this year too 🙃 bag peace now thrown out the window.


Day 5

Saturday, 5 Jan 2019

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chervan (avatar)

chervan Such a pretty bag

1 month ago

misseve23 (avatar)

misseve23 @chervan 🤗

1 month ago

swingingmonkey (avatar)

swingingmonkey I’m a fan of this brand too! I’m looking at the tote version. Hopefully I get to go Paris this year to check it out. Can share how much u paid for this bag in Taipei?

1 month ago

misseve23 (avatar)

misseve23 @swingingmonkey 🙌🏻 excited for you! I got it at about $1.8+k after tax!

1 month ago

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