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April 2019

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Singapore recommendations?

Hello fellow Dayreans!What food would you consider to be uniquely 'Singaporean', and worth a try by visitors to the sunny isle?In saying this, I acknowledge that Singapore and Malaysia (and parts of Indonesia and Thailand, and Brunei) share a culinary heritage. Definitely not saying that any country has exclusive proprietorship, nor am I trying to start a border war LOL!

March 2019

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Kia Kaha, Christchurch

As you mourn today, know that many others in NZ, and from across the sea, mourn with you.

Why do we hesitate to tell our family and friends to stop? Even when they are making bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic, insular, downright vile comments, that would be considered hate speech, were they in the public domain? Enough is enough. My Whatsapp logs and email inbox, while hardly the front page of a broadsheet, are not a dumping ground for objectionable views.You are free to express your opinion, but I am equally free to refuse to be the recipient.I did not hesitate today. Stop.

February 2019

Can't we all just...get along?

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